Procedures and Protocols for Handling, Storing, and Monitoring of Drugs

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Procedures and Protocols for handling, storing, and monitoring of drugs
Procedures and protocols are important to foster a culture that supports safe, effective patient care and provision of a healthy work environment. Procedures and protocols should be developed to ensure safe handling, storing, and accurate monitoring as well as dispensing of medication (Association of New Jersey, 2007). This paper describes the procedures and protocols for handling, storing, and monitoring of drugs. Medication Storage

All the drugs (controlled and uncontrolled) should be should be stored in a secured locked area. Medications should be stored according to the conditions listed by the manufacturer to ensure stability. All refrigerated items should be stored under proper conditions and temperature of the refrigerator should be checked each shift. All the light sensitive drugs should be protected from the light. Special attention should be provided to the storage of concentrated electrolytes, standard concentrations, and look-alike/sound-alike (LASA) medications. External use drugs should be stored separately from drugs administered internally. All the products should be clearly labeled and only authorized individuals have access to the storage area and controlled substances. The code to the safe or the storage area should be changed weekly and only be given to the designated licensed professionals. Access to the controlled drug storage areas should be restricted to authorized personals only. Keys to the narcotic cabinet should never be left unattended (, n.d.). Medication Handling

Safe handling of medications should include considerations about the preparation, transportation, and administration of any medication. Horizontal airflow hoods or vertical laminar-flow biological safety cabinets should be utilized for the sterile preparation of medications. Preparation of anti-neoplastic drugs should be done in a Class II biological safety cabinet (BSC). Sterile...
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