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3 Advantages Of Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras in banks, offices, shops and streets have been very successful in reducing crime in the workplace and in public, but they are also a tool for their users to spy on people's private business. Surveillance is a close observation of a person or a group, especially one under suspicion for the purpose of influencing, directing, managing, or protecting. It creates both positive and negative effects. It is very useful for governments and law enforcements to maintain social control...

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Surveillance Camera Introduction

Surveillance Camera Smile, you are on a surveillance camera. Walking along a major street and looking up, people will probably see cameras glaring back at them. Perhaps people cannot see them, but they are staying there. In these years, society has seen the rapid proliferation of different measures aiming to prevent or reduce crime. Surveillance cameras have become ubiquitous in many cities and countries. These smaller, less noticeable cameras are used not only by the government but also by individuals...

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Use of surveillance cameras

Use of surveillance cameras in public areas Surveillance cameras are used all over the world in public and semi-public areas for a range of reasons. About three-quarters of small businesses record who comes into their location on CCTV. CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. There are systems that recognize license plates on moving vehicles and systems that monitor traffic flow and catch people violating traffic laws. Examples of relevant public places that CCTVs are used include: Public parks...

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Surveillance CCTV cameras and privacy of people

 Surveillance CCTV cameras and privacy of people Is Being watched constantly too high a price for safety? Name: Mohammad Al-zahrani Abstract The purpose of this report is to present the different points of view regarding the extremely wide use of surveillance cameras, as well as to explain the civil rights issues that are involved. The report will discuss the use of CCTV cameras in Australia. In addition, the report will cover the reliance of countries on surveillance systems for...

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Hidden Surveillance Cameras

Hidden Surveillance Cameras Shawn Pettis Westwood College Hidden Surveillance Cameras Topic & Purpose Hidden surveillance cameras are an important topic because time and time again, the use of hidden cameras has given us better ways to catch criminals in the act. “Did you see?” has become an obsolete question; just go to the video. Imagine waking up to an intruder in your home, getting robbed at gun point or witnessing a crime being committed. I have experienced all of these events...

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Surveillance Cameras Panopticism

will  display  a  camera.  While  in  school,  behave  to  the  principal’s  policies  because  he  will  certainly  see.  While  being  nearly  any  place  in  public,  be  aware  that  there  is  a  watchful  gaze  upon  each  person.  This  is  not  merely  done  for  fun   as  a  silly   spy  game.  Every  camera  is  installed  to  observe  the  actions  of  the  people.  Such  a  structure  is  set  up  nearly  everywhere.  In  fact,  around   30   million  surveillance  cameras  are  now  established ...

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Surveillance Society

the so-called “surveillance society”. Evaluate this statement.What exactly is a ‘surveillance society’? The term is often used by the popular media to refer to the older more totalitarian notions of the ‘security state’ or Orwellian references to ‘Big Brother’ (Wood, 2009: 180). Surveillance can be defined as being a form of social control in which individuals are being monitored directly through several authorities e.g. The Government and the Police, with the idea that surveillance protects us in...

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Surveillance Society

Essay Question: (3) To what extent do new media technologies contribute to the development of the ‘surveillance society’ (Lyon 1994)? Discuss in relation to the notion of the panopticon. Have anyone ever imagined the days without new media technologies? According to a new ICMPA study, most college students could not bear with life without technology. Not only the college students, most employees and professionals as well as kids are currently getting used to new media technology. Besides that,...

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Public Surveillance Impinging on Our Privacy and Assist for Crime Prevention

PUBLIC SURVEILLANCE IMPINGING ON OUR PRIVACY AND ASSIST FOR CRIME PREVENTION In the modern world there have been a lot of technological advances within societies. Technology concerns about security and surveillance has changed the thoughts of people. This surveillance technology consist of spying video cameras, CCTV security and surveillance cameras, surveillance electronic communications, face recognition and many others. Some people think this technology is okay while others carry a different...

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Advantages of Technology

One of the new technology police officers are taking advantage of are the Stun Guns. Stun gun, hand-held electronic device that produces a high-voltage pulse that can immobilize a person for several minutes with no permanent damage in most cases. It is powered by ordinary batteries, which supply power to a circuit containing transformers, oscillators, capacitors, and electrodes. A Taser works by creating an electrical circuit, a closed path through which electricity travels. A battery in the gun...

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domestic surveillance

 Domestic Surveillance Is it right to invade one’s privacy? Chanelle Williams SOC 120 Ashley Arends 04/21/214 When most people think of Domestic Surveillance cameras, spyware, phone tapping, protection as well as invasion of privacy are the things that comes to mind. People know that Domestic Surveillance is one way their country knows what is going on and can use the surveillance for proof of things like terrorism, thieves, etc. But does this means that having Domestic...

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Surveillance Debate

Concerns of Surveillance Ashif Mohammod Corey Clarke James Carpenter Peter Thompson Table of Contents Introduction Pg 3 Audio & Biometrics Surveillance Pg 3 Video &Electronic Surveillance Pg 5 Conclusion Pg 6 Bibliography Pg 7 Introduction Many of us go about our day with little thought we are being watched. We take our privacy for granted. In some instances where we go or what we do is recorded by CCTV cameras. These little cameras housed...

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Latest Research: Video Surveillance And VSaaS Market 2014, Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast

Video surveillance refers to monitoring of activities in public areas, businesses, or commercial buildings via analog, or IP based or HD cameras for real time or later review. Video surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS) is managing and archiving of video footage captured by surveillance cameras onto the cloud. Video surveillance systems can be a powerful tool in preventing or investigating a crime when installed in obvious locations such as shopping malls, multiplexes, automated teller machines, banks...

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Surveillance in Workplace

Technology in workplace (surveillance) Definition of technology * The study and knowledge of the practical, especially industrial, use of scientific discoveries. (Cambridge Dictionary Online) * Technology also refers to tools, machines and control devices used to carry out tasks and the principles, techniques and reasoning which accompany them. (Tony Watson, 2008) * Many fields of science have benefited from technology, as well as commerce and industry over the many centuries of human...

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Case study focuses on camera company

Case study focuses on Camera Company, SMaL Camera Technologies, and its decisions on what to do so that they can get higher margins of profits. SMaL Camera Technologies general manager Maurizio Arienzo trying to decide which market areas should be targeted. The company has developed a revolutionary imaging technology that powered small digital cameras and camcorders. Its first generation product powers the credit card size consumer cameras was a success. Now, Arienzo had to decide whether to focus...

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Form of Surveillance

Big Brother Form of Surveillance – Workplace 2). In relating your answer to the ideas of your chosen theorist you will need to say how the surveillance relates to at least two of the following: (a) caring, (b) control, (c) risk, (d) knowledge, (e) security, and (f) health. 3) Discuss how this surveillance relates to your own experiences. Say how it affects you. Does it improve your security? Does it restrict your freedom? Is it good or bad for you? Has it improved your lot? 5) Discuss...

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Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras Nadine Strossen is the authors of “Everyone is watching you” an article that its main purpose is to alert readers how our privacy rights are been violated by surveillance cameras. The article in general informs the reader of the topic right from the beginning with the title which explains a lot of the matter to discuss. The author introduces the topic very clear with the example of Eric Blair the author of “Big Brother is watching you” and how this caption relates to the matter...

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Video Surveillance

feel uncomfortable but video surveillance is a necessary precaution and the invasion of privacy is worth it for our safety. So what makes this “invasion of privacy” worth it? Well , video surveillance definitely has a lot of pros. Video surveillance creates a piece of mind, prevents things from being lost/misplaced, it acts as a crime deterrent, it aids in solving crimes, and it also helps retrace the last steps of people who go missing. The issue of video surveillance being an invasion of privacy...

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Technology: (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology This paper will discuss the pros of the use of stun guns and patrol car videos. This form of technology is being used every day by law enforcement agencies around the world. They are continuingly striving to make stun guns and surveillance cameras better. Patrol car videos have caught numerous illegal events by police and suspect that have committed a crime. Police stun guns and patrol car videos are very important to all law enforcement agencies. Law...

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advantages of cctv

ADVANTAGES OF CCTV    Crime prevention has been somewhat a battle that most authorities face as they try to come up with new measures to deter crime and anti-social behaviour among citizens. One of the ways to prevent these problems is by using Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in places where there are crime risks such as shopping malls and banks. The CCTV can be defined as the use of video cameras to transmit signals or images to a specific place or set of monitors, which allows close monitoring...

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The Advantages of Drones

 The Advantages of Drones By: Jacob Griffin INTRODUCTION: Since the beginning of time, man has had a great desire to fly. In 1903, the Wright Brothers were the first men to achieve sustained, powered flight. Long after man first flew and with the invention of advanced electronics, people decided they wanted to fly small planes for themselves as a hobby. For years, people have enjoyed flying radio controlled aircraft. An advance in technology correlates to an advance in electronics...

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Benefits of Ip Camera over Cctv

IP SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM An Internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance, and which unlike analog closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet. Although most cameras that do this are webcams, the term "IP camera" is usually applied only to those used for surveillance. There are two kinds of IP cameras: Centralized IP cameras, which require a central Network Video...

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Privacy Infringement by Surveillance Technology

lead to the development of the CCTV’s cameras and with the changing technology trends, the government has started to store the public database and the other activities through internet i.e. the government is trying to switch over e-governance. But inspite of such development and advancement, the surveillance technology is in the controversy of infringement of the individual’s privacy. So, the presentation will cover the perspectives on how the surveillance technology has infringed the individual...

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Benefits of Ip Cameras

Benefits of Network video surveillance What is an Analog Video Security System? Cameras on a modern analog CCTV system send their video over co-axil cabling back to a digital video recorder (DVR). Most modern DVRs are a network device, and as such can be accessed remotely from the LAN, or with the proper configuration, from across a WAN or the internet. Video is kept on hard drives, typically on a FIFO basis so there is always a rolling video archive of the past X number of days. What is an...

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Ip Camera Fixing

How to visit the IP camera through Internet 1.Wireless Router setting 1)set the Router IP address is “” 2)Enable wifi, wireless mode select “ G-only”, SSID is “ip camera”, wireless channel is “6-2.437GHz”. 3)set WIFI security, security mode is “WPA Personal”, wpa Algorithms is “AES”, Wpa Share key is “ 123456abcd”, Group key renewal is “3600”. 2. computer network setting 1)The defatult ip of the ip camera is,if your computer’s ip is not the sample like 192...

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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Video surveillance in the United States is becoming widespread. Video cameras are being used in Department stores, convenience stores, store parking lots, and inside banks. The purpose of video cameras are to deter or prevent crime. Are they effective? This issue has sparked a nationwide debate, between the merits of video surveillance and the privacy invasion. The merits of video surveillance, by far, outweigh the issues of privacy invasion. In the 1970's and 1980's...

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Domestic Surveillance

Running head: DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE 1 DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE Marianna Dannelley March 26, 2014 Running head: DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE 2 Have you ever wondered if you ever being watched? Almost like every time you go through a stop light or at an ATM machine, that someone knows your every move? Well they...

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Indian Security and Surveillance Market

The 'Indian Security and Surveillance Market' report covers an overview of the Global Security and Surveillance Industry with North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific as the major focus area. The report will focus on the dynamics of the Indian security and surveillance industry, the market size and growth, the segments of the industry and, the challenges and opportunities that the industry is facing, thus addressing the client needs. Most Popular 13 Job Interview Mistakes To Avoid The Five Worst...

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The Camera

the founder of the Red digital camera system, “The camera is arguably one of the most important of all inventions…it is he single tool that has the ability to stop time, record history, generate art, tell stories, and communicate messages that transcend language like nothing else ever conceived.” (Red Camera) I agree with this statement and the depth within it. The way it changed art is still unexplainable with its eternal lasting impact. The invention of the camera was completely necessary in order...

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Social Implications of Surveillance and Security

Essay Question: Discuss the social implications of Surveillance and Security (technologies) dealt with in this course. b. Thesis Statement: Surveillance and security plays an active role at a point in everyone’s life by concentrating on the protection of people and property. They both demonstrate that monitoring is of importance. THIS ESSAY ARGUES.. – How Surveillance and Security deal with social implications: First – the surveillance of children There are positive and negatives to both...

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Types of Camera

box camera (viewfinder) was the instrument of choice for the casual amateur photographer. Inexpensive and simple, it was, nevertheless, capable of excellent results under many conditions. Box cameras were normally fitted with a single-element lens, a limited range of aperture control, and a single-speed leaf shutter.   The Folding-Roll Film Camera  Second in popularity only to the box camera, the folding camera was manufactured in a variety of formats. Basically, though, it was a box camera whose...

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Do We Need More Cctv Cameras?

more CCTV cameras? Good morning Ms Elder and my classmates, today Chelsea and I are going to talk about the CCTV cameras in Australia. CCTV cameras are closed-circuit television cameras transmitting signals to places where filmed footage may be monitored by security staff. In 1981, the first CCTV camera was installed in a major road in Melbourne. Its purpose was to help with the traffic for a forthcoming Commonwealth heads of government meeting. As time goes by, the use of CCTV cameras are gradually...

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Surveillance Technology

An essay on Surveillance Technology Many countries have been under massive surveillance through the years. The government normally carries out this surveillance or some sort of corporation under charge of the government. Sometimes this happens illegally, other times legally. Whether it’s one or the other, it may or may not require approval from a court. When using surveillance technology to observe a person, or maybe a whole country, it’s often claimed to be fundamental for the fight against terrorism...

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Are Surveillance Cameras Necessary

While I do understand that surveillance cameras have many practical purposes in today’s world, I still find the very notion of them disturbing and unnerving. It is too easy to slip over the line between necessary and invasive . That line is just too thin. While I realize that many of the surveillance cameras are installed in buildings for sound reasons, the idea that I am being watched as I walk through a store, across a parking lot or...

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Video Surveillance

significance of security and surveillance systems have changed as people are realizing the benefits derived from it. According to the latest IMS Research report, worldwide market for video surveillance equipment will grow more than 12 percent in 2012 despite the weak and uncertain economic environment. The global market will be driven by strong demand for video surveillance solutions in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries. Over the past few years, video surveillance technology has evolved...

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Total surveillance by charles ostman

Total Surveillance (Charles Ostman) • Who is Charles Ostman? Charles Ostman currently is a senior fellow at the Institute for Global Futures, a consulting group which provides strategic research, analysis, technical due diligence, and related technology centric development services to Fortune 500 companies and institutions worldwide. • What is the text about? Introduction. We leave in a world where the dream of every single government is to control its people and their biggest nightmare is...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology/Interpersonal Communication in Criminal Justice

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology Tammy J. Little Axia Western International University Online ADJ/360: Interpersonal Communication in Criminal Justice Hiram Porter July 2, 2006 Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology With the increase of violent crimes come the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology in law enforcement. Law enforcement employs the use of stun guns and is equip with car video surveillance. We will examine some of the issues that contain some validity...

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Raising Students’ Security Through the Additional Installation of Surveillance Cameras in Ceu Manila

RAISING STUDENTS’ SECURITY THROUGH THE ADDITIONAL INSTALLATION OF SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS IN CEU MANILA An Undergraduate Research Proposal Presented to the School of Accountancy and Management Centro Escolar University Manila In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management By: BSBAMM-4A Caisip, Gillian M. Reyes, Narciso Dean I. Cruz, Eduard S. Romano, Joycebee S, De Guzman, Joemar T...

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because of what we do best. Farming. Farming causes us not to have as many sinkholes because they take the rain water to irrigate their fields. This results in less water getting to the bedrock and reducing the amount of rock being dissolved. 3) According to A.J. Eardley, “Though most common in northeastern Iowa, sinkholes are also seen in Floyd and Mitchell counties and in the Burlington area of southeastern Iowa.” (Transition: Many of you may stay in Iowa but I'd put money that someone...

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Ethical, Professional and Legal Issues in CCTV Surveillance

Privacy in CCTV Surveillance: Social, Ethical Professional and Legal Issues Introduction to Privacy This essay will analyse the personal privacy of CCTV surveillance and the impact it has on the stakeholders, in terms of social, ethical professional and legal issues. Personal privacy is not something that can be defined easily. Privacy can mean many things from the right to be left alone to the right to have some control over how personal or health information is properly collected, stored, used...

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Mobile Surveillance Robot with Robotic Arm

Abstract Mobile Surveillance Robot with Robotic Arm We have developed a mobile robotic vehicle controlled by Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) signals which possesses a CCD wireless camera for surveillance purpose and a TRR configuration Robotic Arm for pick and place type of objectives. The purpose of making the robot is to automate the work cycle of a human operator working as a member of bomb squad. For the construction of vehicle we have incorporated Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic...

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Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Highly Surveillanced Society in Relation to Crime and Criminalisation.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living in a highly surveillanced society in relation to crime and criminalization. By Suzanne Foster. The use of surveillance has dramatically increased in the United Kingdom since 1994. Since this time surveillance has become an integral part of the government's crime prevention strategy. For example, the U.K uses more CCTV cameras per head of population than anywhere else in...

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Surveillance Paper

"When placed under constant scrutiny through surveillance, an individuals behaviour and relationships with others are likely affected. Its this notion that controls us the viewer to laugh at the many satires that produce Reality Television. Reality television shows, explores how when people are placed under constant scrutiny their behaviour and the way they interact with other people changes. Most of the time they preform for the cameras and play a role that is not in their personality. In...

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Red light cameras

Red Light Cameras Over the past ten to fifteen years there have been dramatic increases in surveillance cameras placed in public roads. People are discussing both sides of the issue. One argument says the red light cameras cause many problems including ripping people off, privacy issues, and wrongful tickets. Another argument says that the red light cameras have many benefits , such as safety for roads, income for cities, and allowing police...

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Everyday Surveillance

Literally, surveillance means to watch over and as such it is an everyday practice in which human beings engage routinely, often unthinkingly. Parents watch over children, employers watch over workers, police watch over neighborhoods, guards watch over prisoners and so on. In most instances, however, surveillance has more specific usage referring to some focused and purposive attention to objects, data, or persons. After observing the middle school I am currently employed at I’ve come to notice a...

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Domestic Surveillance: Ethical Perspective

Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Information Assurance (IA), and Domestic Surveillance (DS). SIGINT involves intercepting, decrypting, and carefully reviewing foreign adversaries' communications. IA involves the protection of America's U.S. government information systems. DS involves the retrieval and keeping of all domestically-generated information streams” ("Domestic Surveillance Directorate," 2014, para. 1). Domestic Surveillance is perceived by many as an invasion of privacy; however it is in place...

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digital camera report

analyze the digital camera industry in UK and to develop some strategies of promoting sales of digital cameras. The research draws attention to the fact that the external environment shows a good opportunity for organizations to promote sales of digital camera from the following perspectives: the economy in UK has recovered gradually; the improved technology makes digital camera increasingly easier to operate; and the barriers for the new entrants help the existing major digital camera companies to reduce...

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Pros and Cons of Installing Closed-Circuit Television Cameras in Classrooms to Prevent Misbehavior

Installation of surveillance camera systems as a way to deter crimes or criminal acts has gained traction in recent years. In some countries, surveillance camera systems – also known as closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras – have also installed in educational institutions as a security measure to address fears for the safety of the students (Hope, 2004; Corpuz, 2011). The trend, however, did not stop. From halls and corridors, some education institutions have started to install cameras inside the...

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advantage and disadvantage of CCTV

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a camera which is used to produce images or recordings for surveillance purposes. CCTV can be either video cameras, or digital stills cameras. Video cameras are either analogue or digital, which means that they work on the basis of sending analogue or digital signals to a storage device such as a video tape recorder or desktop computer or laptop computer wherelse digital stills cameras can take excellent pictures in most situations and can be...

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CV-3: Features, Services and Pricing Strategy

2. New Product Description 2.1 Features Our company produced a camera with a new concept, which is called mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (MILC), and the name of product is CV-3. The new coming from the old is better than old. The CV-3 which design derived from the digital camera explains this meaning perfectly. Our products have many features, and I will list some key features as flow. 2.11 Key features • Interchangeable sealed lens/sensor units • Built-in flash • Optional electronic...

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Value Chain for Canon Cameras

consist of inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales and service. For the purposes of this analysis, the value chain for Canon’s digital cameras will be isolated from other company divisions for analysis. Inbound Logistics Most of Canon’s manufacturing subsidiaries related to the production of their cameras are located in Japan or close by in Asia. It should be noted that they are also owned by Canon and the company as a whole covers a large portion of the overall supply...

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Using Cameras and Surveillance in Nursing Homes

Using Cameras and Surveillance in Nursing Homes Kandy Johnson University of Phoenix {draw:frame} (Pillemer & Moore, 1990) (Pillemer & Moore, 1990) {draw:frame} (Harris & Benson, 1998, p. 57) Surprisingly, another issue within nursing homes is alcohol abuse among the residents. Many residents are misdiagnosed with possessing some form of dementia when in reality the resident is a hidden alcoholic that has gone undetected. This information poses yet another reason for the installation...

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Types of Cameras

THE BOX CAMERA The box camera is a simple camera basically composed of simple lenses and shutters, designed at average focus and fixed lens aperture. The most common form is the card board or plastic box with a lens at one end and a film at the other. Features of the box camera 1) The box camera has a single shutter speed usually about 1/25 of a second 2) Requires less expertise that is it’s mechanically simple. 3) Has a small lens aperture. 4) Has a fixed lens aperture 5) Work best in brightly...

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Digital Cameras

something that nobody else has seen or perceived. This idea has made a long way from canvas-paintings to using cameras. Cameras, in their turn have also experienced a rather fast evolution and nowadays everybody has a notion of what a digital camera is and the majority of people use digital cameras. According to a standard definition a digital camera is “…opposed to a film or video camera, uses an electronic sensor to transform images and video into electronic data”. Years ago people used to possess...

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Epidemiology and Surveillance

Tomar, a profession at the University of Florida describes public health surveillance as the ongoing systematic collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of data regarding a health-related event for the use in public health action (Tomar, 2007). The information collected from surveillance is implemented in planning, evaluating and to put together research hypothesis (Tomar, 2007). He explains that this surveillance contributes and aids in the decrease of not only morbidity and mortality...

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of CCTV Ca

Advantages and Disadvantages of CCTV Cameras CCTV Monitoring CCTV for Surveillance CCTV camera system is being widely employed as a security system for surveillance in offices as well as homes. It is used for monitoring purposes to keep a close vigil. Not only in closed or private places; CCTV camera system extends as a security system in public and crowded places like traffic intersections, malls, shops, etc. As with the case of any technology or security system device, a CCTV camera system has...

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Advantages of marginal costing (Relative to the absorption costing) Preparation of routine operating statements using absorption costing is considered less informative for the following reasons: 1. Profit per unit is a misleading figure: in the example above the operating margin of Rs2 per unit arises because fixed overhead per unit is based on output of 5,000 units. If another basis were used margin per unit would differ even though fixed overhead was the same amount in total 2. Build-up or ru...

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Surveillance Cameras: Real Life Robocops

Surveillance Cameras: Real Life 'RoboCops' Audience - American Citizens, especially registered voters in major cities Point of View- Policemen Working the streets for twenty years has shown me a side of humanity I wish I didn't know existed. One night with me on the streets, patrolling, protecting, you'll wish there were policemen on every corner. We have threats within and outside of our borders, playing on the weakness of our law enforcement. Since it isn't possible to hire thousands of...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

The advantages of stun guns and patrol car video surveillance are a critical tool in law enforcement. Officers are given the option of Tasers, which are extremely effective when pursuing an offender that might have had the upper hand to fight for a long time, resulting in the officer gaining injuries. Currently, patrol car video is a necessity as video records will enhance an officer's credibility, corroborate identities, and statement issues, and can be used as evidence in court. However, critical...

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Government Surveillance

English 101 8:20 Final SA 3 “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. “(Benjamin Franklin) Government Surveillance According to Article IV of the Constitution of the United States, The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated. (Declaration 83) Surveillance is presenting numerous challenges to our right to privacy. The...

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