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1. Write the uses of each, shredder, computer, fax machine, printer, digital camera, photo copier. A. Shredder - a device that shreds documents (usually in order to prevent the wrong people from reading them)

B. A computer is an electronic device that manipulates information, or "data." It has the ability to store, retrieve, and processdata. You can use a computer to type documents, send email, and browse the internet. You can also use it to handle spreadsheets, accounting, database management, presentations, games, and more.

C. Short for facsimile machine, a device that can send or receive pictures and text over a telephone line. Fax machines work by digitizing an image -- dividing it into a grid of dots. Each dot is either on or off, depending on whether it is black or white. Electronically, each dot is represented by a bit that has a value of either 0 (off) or 1 (on). In this way, the fax machine translates a picture into a series of zeros and ones (called a bit map) that can be transmitted like normal computer data. On the receiving side, a fax machine reads the incoming data, translates the zeros and ones back into dots, and reprints the picture.

D. A printer is a device that accepts text and graphic output from a computer and transfers the information to paper, usually to standard size sheets of paper.

E. Digital camera records and stores photographic images in digital form. Many current models are also able to capture sound or video, in addition to still images. Capture is usually accomplished by use of a photosensor, using a charged coupled device (CCD).These stored images can be uploaded to a computer immediately or stored in the camera for to be uploaded into a computer or printer later. Images may also be archived on a photographic compact disc or external hard disk.

F. A photocopier is any electrically operated machine using a photographic method, as the electrostatic process, for making instant copies of written, drawn, or printed material.

G. LCD projectors are systems that display or project information or video onto a surface. LCD stands for liquid crystal display, the technology used to project images. They are the technological descendants of overhead and slide projectors, older systems which serve the same purpose. They are most commonly used for displaying images in presentations or lectures, but are also used in home theaters.

2. Explain four (4) ways in which office equipment can be an advantage to a business.

I. Business has always been about generating revenue and looking at new ways to increase worker productivity. Office equipment has always had an important role in facilitating that process by aiding employees in completing their work efficiently. II. Modern office equipment has made it easier to automate mundane, yet important tasks that were previously time consuming, such as archiving or making copies III. From a cost savings standpoint, modern office equipment can reduce the size of a business's workforce. Traditional offices relied on numerous employees to file, categorize, make copies and process data

IV. Keeping your workforce fresh will help maintain business productivity and prevent your employees from burning out. Use of the proper equipment will reduce your employees' workload

3. Identify four (4) safety precautions to observe when using office equipment’s. I. Typewriters and Printers- Keep long hair and loose clothing away from moving parts. Turn off the power or unplug the electrical connection when changing an element, ribbon, or cartridge.

II. Filing Cabinets -To improve the stability of a filing cabinet, place heavier materials in the lower drawers. Open only one drawer at a time to avoid destabilizing the cabinet. Use the handles, not the drawer, when opening file drawers. Keep drawers shut to eliminate tripping hazards. Do not place loose items on top of filing cabinets.

III. Paper Cutters -...
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