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  • Published : September 3, 2012
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“The Introduction of the Printing Press and the Effects on Humanity and our World Today.” Student Name
Devry University
HUMN 303: Introduction to Humanities
Summer 2012

“The Introduction of the Printing Press and the Effects on Humanity and our World Today.”

I. Table of Contents
II. Introduction
Technology such as the printing press of the past impacts every avenue of society today. Just as, the Internet of today has empowered members of society by allowing greater access to information, the printing press paved the way to such technologies. “For the first time, just about anybody can distribute the same message to hundreds or thousands of people and does so very easily and inexpensively. As overhyped as the Internet often seems to be, there is a fundamental difference about it as a communications medium that has not been seen since the introduction of print.” (Baron, Lindquist & Shevlin, 2007, p. 353) III. The invention of the Printing Press

1. About the inventor Johannes Gutenberg.
2. About the progression of his invention in his lifetime. IV. The advancements of the Printing Press, beyond Johannes Gutenberg. Until 1850 1. What progressions of the invention were made in this time? 2. How wide was the use of the Printing Press during this time? V. The effects the Printing Press had on humanities from 1450 -1850 1. How was knowledge print more readily available to all classes of citizens? 2. What was the effect on literacy and education in this time period? VI. The advancements of the Printing Press beyond 1850 until present (only mildly touching on electronic reading) 1. The advent of the steam engine, and its effects on the Printing Press. 2. The advent of the computer, and personal printer.

VII. The Printing Presses Relation to the humanities in the time beyond 1850. 1. How did the increased production of print due to the advent of the steam engine affect humanities of the time? 2....
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