L'Oreal Marketing Plan

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1.Executive Summary

This is an analytical approach which is required for preparing the marketing plan for The Elvive – total repair hair shampoo. It is manufactured by L’Oreal which is world’s leading cosmetic producer. It says 5 problems 1 solution. The 5 problems include anti-damage, anti-thinning, anti-split ends, anti-brittleness and anti-dulness. This product is L’Oreal first total repair for damaged hair. The Elvive – total hair repair is a shampoo manufactured by L’Oreal Private Limited. L’Oreal, Australia was started in 1934 which is now number one in producing beauty products. L’Oreal’s major target cities in Australia are Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Sydney. It’s target group are people of high-end people having middle and high level incomes. It targets women of all age. This plan is going to determine the situation analysis and key strategic issues of this product in the beginning. Later, the current situation of the organization is analysed which includes strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of the Elvive – hair repair shampoo. A proper evaluation of the marketing strategies is also done which has the target markets, product strategies, pricing strategies, promotion strategies and distribution strategies coming under it. I have given few recommendations like to decrease the price of the Elvive shampoo by introducing discounts etc.. to improve the retail distribution as the product is not available in all the stores in Australia. Few implementations how to proceed on the recomendaions are also given a the end of the report.

2.Table of Contents

3. Introduction

L’Oreal Australia is present since 1934. It is based in Melbourne, Victoria. They are the subsidiary of L’Oreal headquartered in Paris, France. There has been a fabulous expansion which is motivated by their winning formula “consistent growth of our existing brands and strategic acquisitions”. L’Oreal deals with manufacturing hair care, hair colour, skincare and colour fragrances. The L’Oreal products are being sold in various retail distribution channels. The achievement of business growth is done by achievement of expanding their diverse brand portfolio. Their target market is from the young to the old and everyone in between. L’Oreal Australia is a very active member of the cosmetics industry. It belongs to lots of organisations like the cosmetic industry association, Toiletiries and fragrances association of Australia, ACCORD etc... There are over 525 permanent people employed at L’Oreal Australia in three particular divisions: Consumer products, Luxury products and Professional products that is mass market, department stores, hairdressing saloons respectively. This report talks about the market plan of a L’Oreal’s product known as the Elvive shampoo. It starts by discussing the internal and external environment. The company’s SWOT analysis is later evaluated along with the critical issues which should be dealt in order to sustain themselves in the competitive market. With the help of this evaluation, the marketing objectives, strategies and the marketing mix are found and analysis. This plan concludes by giving few recommendations and saying how to implement them.

4. Mission Statement
“The right to be beautiful day after day” – L’Oreal makes sure this statement becomes a reality to reach within every man and every woman. They are the only brand where their ambition has reflected the most on their brand portfolio which is unequalled to any other product in the world. This mission was considered of prime importance since the creation of the company in 1909 (www.loreal.com.au).

5. Situation Analysis
The analysis by which you get vast information about the company and its business environment through a lot of research is known as Situation Analysis. This analysis consists of a varied study on the environmental factors of the...
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