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Topics: Time, Political corruption, Smartphone Pages: 5 (1639 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Topics for gd
1.Have computer made our life easier or complex ?
2.Paying bribes why & why not
3.Are new emerging smart phones beneficial for students ?
4.Should students participate in politics ?
5.Influence of social networking on youth
6.Sports should promote amity among nations not hatred
7.ill effect of concrete jungle in cities
8.can prosperity itself bring happiness and prosperity to the people of the world

1. Computers made our lives not only easier but also convenient.  They have been used mainly for business and entertainment. 2. After the Internet appeared in 1995, they became more popular and had a wide range of uses. For example, we can see news, search information, buy things, listen to music, and connect with friends online,be updated with latest trends and fashion. 3.  A computer is useful not only in science but also in different areas like in banks. For example, computers are a link between banks and their customers. they can keep all the information about the account and account holders. 4. computers change people's life in a way that we do not have to waste our time with data analyzing and calculating rather than downloading data to computer in order to make an analyze as well as it provides science to improve much faster. 5.  Use of comtuters enhance our ability to know, enjoy, and communicate with large range of people simply by sitting at one place. 6.  Nowadays homeschooling and distant learning are regarded as a favorable tool for new generation. Therefore students and teachers cannot waste their time on the school way and the students are protected from epidemic diseases. 7. Telecommunication prices being too high makes it impossible to keep in touch with family and friends everyday and keep a daily track of their activities. Usage of computers have made it much cheaper as we could not only speak to them but also have a facility of video communication all around the wolrd.

1. The wide spread use of computers has also caused problems in our lives. We cannot get a good job without computer skills.  2.  We cannot buy things at the cheapest price without surveying. 3.  We tend to spend too much time working on computers, this makes us lazy, unhealthy, and stressed. 4. For remaining fit, healthy and social we need more exercise, face-to-face communication, and playing outside, rather than this we always end up using computers for entertainment in our home or office. 5. Lot of distant learning and home schooling develops anti social behavior as they do not have a habit to mingle easily with different kinds of people with different behaviours. 6. Computers can find out all the information that a human cant do but it also leaves a human with less ability of thinking and creativity.Nowadays people don’t use their brain to complete their work but they rather surf on net and copy it down. 7. Computers has decreased the memory power of the man.Earlier man used to record all the information without the use of computers but in present time any information which has to be remembered has to be noted down in computers and to do lists.

1.Bribes help in uniting the people of different religions,person belonging to any religion can enter the same source through bribes n once they enter they do not pay attention to what religion they are from and stay united and easily mingled with eash other. 2.Anything which cant be done earlier can easily be done with the help of bribes which saves the time and energy of the person. 3.Easily jobs can be available with the help of bribes.Any company we need to join can be bribed and the job is available at the finger tips. 4.


1. Students can easily record the lectures in the smartphones with the help of built-in programs such Voice...
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