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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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SEMESTER FALL 2012 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING (MGT301) ASSIGNMENT NO.02 DUE DATE: JANUARY 29, 2013 MARKS: 20 TOPIC: 4th P of Marketing Mix: Promotion OBJECTIVE OF THE ACTIVITY The prime objective of the assignment is to get the students familiar with the concept of blending promotional mix tools for promoting products/services. LEARNING OUTCOMES: After attempting this assignment students will be able to: Comprehend the concept of promotion and its importance to capture the market share. Get familiar that how companies use integrated marketing communications to communicate customer value. Comprehend how companies use promotional mix strategies.

To capture a bigger pie of market share, companies pay distinct consideration on promotional strategies. Promotion is important for companies in many ways. It helps to establish the perceived value for product/service in the minds of the customers against competitor's product, inform the customers about the availability and utility of product/service, creates awareness and helps in positioning and repositioning the product/service. With appropriate promotional tools and strategies, companies persuade people to purchase or repurchase the product/service, survive/win the competition and penetrate in the market. Even for the development of new markets, the appropriate and intelligent use of promotional tools and strategies play an acute role.

Unilever is one of the largest companies and is a subsidiary of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited. In 1993, Lever Brothers formulated a team to search

for new business potential in Pakistan. After market analysis, the team concluded that there is a lot of potential in ice-cream market in Pakistan and Lever Brother should clutch this opportunity without any hesitation and so they decided to launch WALL’S ice-cream in Pakistan. February 1995, WALL’S ice-cream was launched with twelve products. Initially, WALL’S was not promoting its products on a large scale as they...
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