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iPads should be implemented in school because they would make students lives much easer. For example students wouldn’t have to carry heave textbooks and notebooks. Another example is with the iPad students have more academic resources to use.

If iPads were implemented students wouldn’t have to carry heave textbooks and notebooks because there is an app on the iPad that allows you to split the screen one half would be your text book the other would be a notebook for taking notes. If students carried iPads instead of notebooks they would save tones of money on school supplies. Another example of why the iPad is so great is the iPad only weighs about a pound and it’s no bigger than a textbook therefore cutting weight from the students back.

Another advantage to having an iPad is the students will have a wide range of academic resources to choose from. Some teachers forget or just don’t answer students’ questions but with the iPad they can use the Internet and specially designed APP’s to help the student. One more gain to the iPad is live chat or video calls via iMessage and face time this way the student will always have a way to a question or a problem.

Some may argue that the iPad costs too much money and they cant afford it. Although the iPad does cost a lot of money it will pay off parents can sign up on a program that allows them to pay in small payments until it is payed off. Also students don’t have to spend so much money on tutors and school supplies.

To cover everything iPads will SAVE you money in the long run and help keep your son/daughter from getting bad grades.
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