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Phase 3 – Individual Project Instructions
NetBeans Setup Tutorial
For this Individual Project you will use the existing NetBeans program you completed for Phase 2’s Individual Project.
Build Java Application Instructions
Type the new code given below into your NetBeans project. You will need to rearrange a couple of items. Please compare this to your NetBeans project from the prior phase to understand the updates and changes. This new coded incorporates the Control Statements covered in Phase 3, including the if(condition) statement and the switch(integral_expression) statement. Also included is a for loop (repetition statement). Pay close attention to these as you are typing them to help you understand how they work. If you do not follow the syntax exactly you will more than likely encounter errors. Again, be sure to replace all references to Pizzas-RUs with your Approved Company Name. /*

* To change this template, choose Tools | Templates
* and open the template in the editor.
* Filename: pizzasrusphase3.java
* Created: 4/9/10 by Dr. Debby Telfer
* Purpose: To allow creation of a login if a new customer and to simply * login if existing customer to allow and give them a customized greeting * after introducing them to the Pizzas-R-Us online ordering system. */

package pizzasrusphase3;
import javax.swing.*;
public class Pizzas-R-Us {
public static void main(String[] args) {
// declare and initialize variables
String openingMsg, nameInputMsg, customerName, nameOutputMsg, returnInputMsg, customerReturn, returnOutputMsg,
greetingOutputMsg, outputMsg,
// display opening message and system introduction
openingMsg1 = "*** W elcome to Pizzas-R-Us Online Ordering System *** \n\n"; openingMsg2 = "You are now able to order your pizza through our online "; openingMsg3 = "take-out order system. \n\n";
openingMsg4 = "The pizza types you can order are: ";

openingMsg5 = "Chicago, New York, or Hawaiian \n\n";
openingMsg6 = "The pizza sizes you can...
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