Passport Automation System

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Passport Automation System
To develop the passport automation system software using UML language. It is the interface between applicant and authority responsible for issue the passport. It aims at improving efficiency and reducing complexities.

The system provides the online interface to the user where we can fill their form and personal detail with necessary proof. The authority concerned with the issue of passport can use this system to reduce is workload and process it speedy manner. It provides communication platform between administrator and applicant. To transfer the data between passport authority and local police verifying the applicant’s information.

3.Project description:
My project title is passport automation system. In this project we can develop the 5 modules such as login, fill the form with necessary proof, verifying the applicant’s information, validity checking and issue the passport for that particular applicant.

In this login module, we can perform that that perform that enters into the login website for the different actors, and then fill for the can be done by the Passport Automation System
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primary and verification, validation checking and issuing the passport can be done for the supporting actor.

*Functional requirements: It is defined as how they should react in the particular input and how the system should react in the particular situations and what the system do not do.

In my project, login as functional requirement. In that functional requirement we may check the user name and password is correct or not. After checking entity of login, we can show the detail based on the type of actor.  Analysis: In this place, the project requirement is analyzed and availability of requirement is seen.

 Design: Project manager makes the design of the project.

 Implementation: The construction of project is done and coding is developed.

 Maintenance: In this the software maintenance and the ways to avoid the drawback of software is made.

Passport Automation System
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*Non-Functional requirements: This system can load at the speed of 2.4GHz-3.6GHz. Memory 4GB RAM Transferring data speed 50 Mbps in time. It is high portability, reliability, accepting failure rates and user friendly.

 Hardware requirements: Processor: Pentium –IV Hard drive: 320 GB RAM: 4GB DVD-Drive: 1

 Software requirements: Operating system: Windows XP Front-end: Rational Rose Enterprise Edition Back-end: Oracle 9i

5.Module description:

In this project consists of 5 modules, namely, login, fill the form, verifying applicant details, validity check.

 Login:
Passport Automation System
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In this module, we can perform operation such as enter the user name and password. If the user name and password is correct then it can be entered into the specific web page. Otherwise re-enter the user name and password at the particular time’s only.  Fill the application: When we are go to fill the application form before you can tell either apply for new passport or renewal the old passport. We can fill the application form with corresponding ID proof and address proof and then submit the form.  Verification of the form: After submission of the form, to the responsible authority are verified that given information is true or not and they are forwarded to local police. Local police enquiry that corresponding information is true or not. After collecting the information it will forwarded to higher authority.  Validation checking: When the customer, go to apply for the airline ticket. The passport must be checked if it is valid or not. Every passport as valid up to 5 years...
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