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Activity 4 Evaluation
Activity 4 Evaluation

Stall holders email list
It’s fitness for audience and purpose:
The stallholders E-mail list was created on Microsoft Access which allows you to create and process data in a database. This email list would help organise the event due to fields present in the data base which gave pertinent information so that the organiser could depict which businesses were useful at the event. The database created had six most useful fields required to aid in the process of organising and making it significantly easy to use. The first field out of the six was the ID this was created using Auto number this essentially automatically generated a number and guaranteed that each business would have their own ID number this reduced confusion and mistakes occurring with businesses. The second field was the name of the business was important for contact for example if the organiser wanted to contact a business it would be required to use the businesses name to allow the receiver to quickly understand the context of the email which in this case would have been if they were able to attend the event. The third field was the email address this for quick contact with the business and was the most important of all fields without it no contact would be made. The fourth field was for the type of item that was going to be sold by the stall or the theme of the stall for this field I used the validation rule to insure specific and required data was entered for that subject and I revised the validation text to an apposite message which could be without difficulty read with the data validation it prevented erroneous data from arising and gave a quick notification to allow amends to be made; the items for validation were “upcycle recycle both”. The fifth field was weather the business was interested or not for this field I applied a combo box for which the only way of knowing which business was able to attend was by clicking and a tick would appear: this indicated what data was entered simultaneously it restricted data which could not be entered this was one of the most important moderations applied to the database. Feedback I received on the final version:

My test buddy commented that it looked organised and the colour selection for the font gave it a professional over look further more it was commented that the spacing was well organised just right for the user to swift eyes across the screen and be fed information quite quickly. The teacher said I could make it look even more organised by making the numbers ordered and as a result I did so and received feedback from the teacher saying it really then enhances the clarity. But also I received feedback saying that it needed to be more aesthetically pleasing for example placing a picture as the list then looked quite un-engaging and not fulfilling the desire for the eyes. Ways in which it could be further improved:

To improve the stallholders list I could have created additional fields such as the website of the business which could help give an insight to what would be expected if they arrived also a field for address this makes it easier to compare the relative distance by just heading over to maps.google.com. Also I could have added pictures of the business to further increase the identification of it.

It’s fitness for audience and purpose:
The invitations purpose was to persuade and encourage stallholders to attend the event; I applied a recycling theme with a soft tone of colours to it this, would refrain it from deteriorating from a business invitation like perspective but concurrently attracting the reader. The positioning of the logo is in a door-handle sign like impersonation therefore giving a welcoming feeling to the reader with the logo the event holders identity is fully exposed this gives the stallholder a secure feeling that we have nothing to conceal. The placement of the event information is at the bottom but is focused on...
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