Answers to Premiere Products Exercises

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Chapter 5 Partial Solutions
Answers to Premiere Products Exercises

PP 5-1

1.PartNum ( Description, OnHand, Class, Warehouse, Price
OrderNum ( OrderDate, CustomerNum
CustomerNum ( CustomerName, RepNum
RepNum ( FirstName, LastName
PartNum, OrderNum ( NumOrdered, QuotedPrice

Part (PartNum, Description, OnHand, Class, Warehouse, Price)
Orders (OrderNum, OrderDate, CustomerNum)
Customer (CustomerNum, CustomerName, RepNum)
Rep (RepNum, FirstName, LastName)
PartOrders (PartNum, OrderNum, NumOrdered, QuotedPrice)

PP 5-2

2.InvoiceNum ( CustomerNum, LastName, FirstName, Street, City, State,
Zip, Date
PartNum ( Description, Price
CustomerNum ( LastName, FirstName, Street, City, State, Zip
InvoiceNum, PartNum ( NumShipped

Invoice (InvoiceNum, CustomerNum, Date)
Part (PartNum, Description, Price)

Customer (CustomerNum, LastName, FirstName, Street, City, State, Zip)
InvoicePart (InvoiceNum, PartNum, NumShipped)

PP 5-3

3.Part (PartNum, Description, Class, Price)
Warehouse (WarehouseNum, WarehouseName)
Supplier (SupplierNum, SupplierName)
PartWarehouse (PartNum, WarehouseNum, OnHand)
PartSupplier (PartNum, SupplierNum, LeadTime)

Answers to Henry Books Case

HB 5-2

CourseNum (( Textbook
CourseNum (( InstructorNum
InstructorNum ( InstructorName
Original Relation:
Course (CourseNum, Textbook, InstructorNum, InstructorName) For our course assignment, we will ignore the multidependencies and focus on bringing the design to 3NF. The design is already in 1NF, but not in 2NF, due to the partial dependency InstructorNum → InstructorName. Split the table into two: Course (CourseNum, Textbook, InstructorNum)

Instructor (InstructorNum, InstructorName)
The design is now in 2NF and also in 3NF. For the course assignment, you may stop here. If you wish to bring the design to 4NF, split the relation with the multidependencies:...