Database Normalization and Service Request Sr-ta-001

Topics: Database normalization, Relation, Relational model Pages: 2 (329 words) Published: September 14, 2012
Service Request Memo Normalization
Cynthia Erney
Database Concepts DBM/381
August 21, 2012
Nongxin Rao, PhD

To: the Technical Services/Logistics Manager at Taylor Ambulance RE: Service Request SR-ta-001 Scheduling System Database
This memo is to inform you that your service request SR-ta-001 has reached my desk and currently is in the process of being completed. The purpose of this memo is to report the progress on the service requests. Currently I am in the stage of normalizing the database to the third normal form. By normalizing the database to the third level of normalization I will ensure that the data is efficiently organized within the database by removing duplicate and redundant data from the database relations. Normalizing the data to the normal third will help free up space and make it easier for the users to retrieve the data by elimination of the same data stored in more than one relation. In addition, normalizing to this level will also ensure data integrity, scalability, and storage efficiency. I have made sure that that there are no repeating columns or rows within the same tables and each column has only one value and one data type therefore the level of 1 normalization has been completed. I then continued to normalize the database to the second level of normalization by ensuring that each nonkey attribute is fully dependent on the key columns of the table. Once level one and two normal form had been completed I continued by establishing primary and foreign keys along with relationships. I will keep in contact with you as the project nears completion. Sincerely,

Cynthia K Erney

employees who will use the new database some extensive seminars, or other form of training to ensure that users have the knowledge on how the system will work. This will decrease redundancy and decrease data entry errors. I look forward to hearing from you regarding your thoughts, and concerns, with the database. Sincerely,

Cynthia Erney
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