I Am Who I Am

Topics: 2008 singles, High school, Family Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: April 5, 2013
There are many things in this world that I could use to describe me. I could use a football, money, friends, hands signs or even a heart, but they wouldn’t give you the true meaning of me. To I am a very loving, hard working young man who values the little things in my life very close to me heart; such as my family, sports and even my girlfriend.

One symbol used to describe me is a bulldog. The bulldog means so much to me. It stands for the dream of completing high school and receiving my high school diploma. The bulldog also represents my school pride and how my heart bleeds royal blue and white. I cherish this symbol dear to my heart and it tells of where I come from and my educational standards.

Money, money, and more money! Money is very important to me because it helps me get the things I want. I say this because I work for a living and try to be the man of the household. This symbol of money also shows how I try to provide and never ask people to borrow anything. Money is my key to my success, along with my educational.

The computer symbolizes my career ambition to become an accountant. Becoming an accountant has been a lifelong dream. It’s a career that brings great interest and comfort to me. Such as being able to help others, help others manage their finances and be able to give back to my community. The computer shows my skills and eagerness to extend a helping hand.

Football is my life! It symbolizes the bond I shared with my father while playing football and my passion for sports. It also shows my dream of maybe one day going pro and farthing my football career. Football is more than a sport, it’s my life. When I’m on the field everything goes blank and my head is in the game. To me football shows my determination and my athletic abilities.

The heart represents the beautiful young lady in my life; my girlfriend. She is the person can count on for just about anything. She understands me and cares for me like no other. Jasmine is my back...
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