I Am Proud to Be Malaysian

Topics: Prime minister, British Empire, Malaysia Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: August 3, 2012
"I am proud to be a Malaysian because our country has been independent from British colonies.I also feel very lucky to live in Malaysia because the country was fortunate to secure and prosperous.I was fortunate to have Prime Minister because he has a fair and equitable.I am also proud that Malaysia has achieved the Independence National 55.For beloved to my country, I am willing to sacrifice for maintaining the security of Malaysia.I urge the people of Malaysia have the spirit of patriotism.I hope this country will grow economically and peace to the people of Malaysia."

I feel proud to be the son of Malaysia,as Malaysia has people of various races and religions. Although various races and religions,Malaysians live in peace and harmony.In addition, Malaysia is a country that is unique because people have a varied and interesting customs. When it's the festive season,Malaysians will jointly celebrate without knowing race and religion.However,Malaysia also respect the people's customs,people and religion respectively.Malaysia also has leaders who are competent and have high patriotism.I am proud to have leaders who lead the country of Malaysia shall not practice favoritism.

I would also like to say Happy Independence Day to the 55 with the theme of 1 Malaysia, People First,Performance Now,to all Malaysians.I would also like to thank the prime minister as the country has been developing and maintaining the security of this country.The country is fortunate that there had been no war,ethnic division and major riots that occurred in this country.Therfore is,we should thank all of the fighters who sacrificed lives for the peace of this country.

This year we have reached Malaysia's independence 55.I as a Malaysian,is proud of the independence which we enjoyed from 1957 until 2012.We also appreciate all the services figures because fighters have allowed us free from colonialism.
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