Malaysian Studies

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  • Published: December 8, 2012
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1. History has proven that Malaysia is not a new country. Humans have been living in several areas of the country since the Stone Age.
a) With reference to the findings on ancient civilizations in the coun try discuss in what manner they are related to the current civilization.
(8 marks)
b) Explain the long-term effects of British colonialism in the country that have lasted till today.
2. According to history, Malacca was founded by Parameswara in 1403 A.D. In the years that followed, Malacca grew into a great Empire in the Malay Archipelago. a) Discuss the Golden Age of Malacca.

(6 marks)
b) Explain the factors for the fall of the Malacca Empire
(9 marks)
3. The golden age of the Malay Kingdom of Malacca ended in 1511 after the Portuguese attack. History showed that Malacca reached its supremacy under the rule of Sultan Mansur Syah but declined thereafter.

a) Discuss the p roblem that occur in the country that contributed to the decline of the Malacca Empire.
(7 marks)
b) Describes the problem that happen outside of Malacca that contributed to the fall of Malacca Empire.
(8 marks)
4. Malaysia is classified as one of the Commonwealth countries, that is, as a fo rmer British colony, it was subjugated by other powers for approximately 446 years. a) Malaysia was once a colonized land. Discuss some of European countries that had colonized Malaysia before.

(3 marks)
b) Explain the reasons for Portuguese took over o f Malacca. (8 marks)
c) What happen to Malay Archipelago when British and Dutch agree to signed THE ANGLO DUTCH TREATY 1824?
(4 marks)
5. The Japanese occupation was an important event in the history of Malaya. a) Discuss the reasons WHY Japanese military can conquer Malaya easily? (10 marks) b) Why British Army failed to defend Malaya from Japanese army attack? (5 marks) 6. Japanese occupied Malaya for three and a half years but they had a great impact on the country.

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