Ge´S Ib: the Evo Project

Topics: General Electric, Jeffrey R. Immelt, Game theory Pages: 4 (1386 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Written Case Decision Analysis
GE‘s Imagination Breakthrougs: The Evo Project

The case GE´s Imagination Breakthroughs: The Evo Project is a really interesting case, it talks about the dramatic change that the company General Electric had to face in order to grow, and the process that the CEO had to pass in his first years in charge of the company.

It also takes us in the quest of understanding and analyzing one of the main bets of the new CEO Jeff Immelt, which were the Imagination Breakthroughs, best known as IB’s looking at one example in an specific division of the company, the Transportation branch; one of the many complex and risky industries that either you can go very good and have big profits, or really bad and be in problems very fast, so throughout this analysis, we are going to explore the complexity of the industry, the importance of the decisions that the CEO and the people in GE Transportation have taken and we will try to play the role of them for a second to get into conclusions and determine whether they have to take some decisions or they should opt for some others.

Jeff Immelt was named CEO of General Electric in September 2001, substituting Jack Welch that was the men in charge of GE for over 20 years and delivered great results for the shareholders and a really strong company that as the case mentions it was “A disciplined, efficient machine that delivered on its promise of consistent growth in sales and earnings“ (Bartlett, C. Hall, B. Bennet, N. 2007) in other words, it was a company that knew what to do and they did it really good. But fulfilling the expectations of his predecessor wasn’t the main problem for Immelt, he entered the company in a really complicated year, with 9/11 just few days after his mention and Enron and WorldCom scandals few months later and the recession this events caused, he had a big challenge in front...
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