Stratsim Report

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Marc-Anthony Doyon
Jeffrey Kovacich
Wenjin Piao
Josh Waters

MGMT 622 Marketing Strategy
Firm E: Stratsim Report

Table of Contents
Letter to Stockholders3
Situational Analysis4
SWOT Analysis5
SMART Objectives6
Firm E Corporate Marketing Strategy7
Firm E Vehicle Marketing Strategy8
Efizz: Family Car8
Euro: Utility8
Estruck: Truck9
EGreen: AEV9
Emich: Delivery10
What Went Well:11
What Went Bad:11
Future Expectations:11

Letter to Stockholders

Dear Shareholder

Since Firm E’s take over nine years ago our car company has reported financial gains every year. Firm E continues to set the industry standard for car companies in many ways. Our company is poised for taking advantage of market transitions in unique ways such as utilizing alternative energy vehicles. Our results are due in part to our successfully implementation of strategy and planning, giving way to new vehicles that will evolve along with the car industry.

Vision: Product Innovation

We believe Firm E’s leadership is based upon two major factors. First is a vision of how the industry will evolve every three years. Second, how effective was the strategy Firm E was in executing and as such will be measured by such factors as market share gains, stock price, consumer needs, and return on marketing. To Firm E, vision is means to see and anticipate the future of the car industry. We believe that things will change for the better as consumers head toward alternative energy vehicles.

Balanced Strategy: Customer Market Segments and Geographies

Firm E’s strategy is built around three principles that our firm held onto throughout the years. First is our ability to detect change in the industry due to consumer and competitive pressures. Second, our different backgrounds brought about ways to think about the future using different viewpoints. Third, our collaboration and teamwork brought about a fun address our situation. Our firm considered this industry like a strategy game and like all games, our firm plays to win. We used this competitiveness for developing new products, analyzing customer segments, handing B2B, and looking at what our competitors are doing.

To address the growth in new markets, we added approximately 250 dealerships across the country in nine years. Firm E continues to achieve profitable growth through the years despite the added costs. Firm E has been expanding rapidly and because of it our company is the most profitable out of our competitors.

Progress and the Future

Looking at all that was achieved nine years ago, it feels like a couple months ago when Firm E took over this company. Before our firm was in charge, the company had little direction of where to go next. Sales were stagnant and our technology was out of date. The company did not take advantage of what the B2B had to offer. Today, our company has double its sales, stock price, and became the industry leader in car sales. We have contracts with four B2B companies and our firm is looking to acquire more. With our look toward the future, Firm E anticipates change and plans to innovate the way consumers see cars.

Thank you for your continued support as we take Firm E forward.

Situational Analysis

Before starting our takeover of Firm E we performed some analysis of the company and developed three strategies that our Firm believed were the key to our success. They are the following:

Analysis: Explore opportunities in B2B market to sell more products. Planning: To achieve this strategy we first needed to increase dealer coverage to meet B2B requirements. From there we would improve our cars based on the B2B car requirements. Firm E also would create a delivery vehicle to enter two of the three B2B markets that sell delivery vehicles. This would provide guaranteed sales of at least one-hundred thousand vehicles and a maximum of two-hundred thousand vehicles per year....
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