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  • Published: May 3, 2014
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An overview of the Angel street thrift shop
The Angel Street Thrift Shop—located in Chelsea—is more than just the result of a philanthropic gesture and draws a steady group of regulars who have come to rely on this spot for its many diamonds in the rough. New donations arrive each day from patrons and designers alike, and though many pieces still have their original tags, Angel Street's prices are a real bargain. But, as many frequent shoppers will attest, if you see something worthwhile among the shop's organized and well-stocked racks, snag it, because tomorrow it'll be history. Despite the creaky wooden floors and standard-issue thrift-store racks—both staples of generic secondhand shops—the atmosphere is far from the dusty, cluttered feel of your local Salvation Army. The shelves here are organized and clean, the glass countertops sparkle, and everything—from apparel to armoires to champagne flutes—is displayed with impeccable care and attention. Like Spence-Chapin, it’s got its fair share of designer options to choose from, and some great furniture finds as well. The store is neat and clean and free of that “musky” smell so many thrift shops come with. It has great interior, very spacious.  In the front they have the mannequins don cool designer items that will be put on sale at a later date.  In this store, they have men and women clothes, along with house wares, books, and some furniture.  However, the first time I went, couldn't buy anything because of the steep prices on their clothe. Situation analysis

The situation can be analyzed by focusing on the micro environment and SWOT analysis. Analysis of the micro environment

SWOT analysis of Angel street thrift shop

E-Marketing planning strategy
Tier 01 strategy of angel street thrift shop
Segmentation strategy

Targeting strategy of Angel street thrift shop

Positioning strategy

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