E-Commerce Questionnaire

Topics: Credit card, Want, Merchant account Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: March 23, 2011
The following questionnaire will help prepare your organization to write a full Request for Proposal for an E-Commerce site. It is important to answer as many questions as possible before jumping into this project, as it may help you to focus and plan the site as you go, as well as communicate it clearly to our team. In any E-commerce or database solution, we ask that you budget for a "design document." This is the blueprint that will finalize all engineering elements prior to actual programming, to ensure the scope of work as you desire it is fully realized and communicated before we can outline project costs. Please answer in detail as many of the questions as are applicable. If you have a printed catalog or data sheets, please provide a sample. Email completed questionnaire to info@medialegends.com. 1. How many products do you have (how many SKU or product variations)? How many categories/subcategories? Will the categories change or grow in number? How is categorization applied—by an existing database structure, or will it be done only at the site? 2. What type of products? In what quantities are they usually sold? 3. Who will do fulfillment? (shipping, returns, etc?) How will your information get to fulfillment channels (via file upload, fax, email, full system integration?) Describe your normal offline process, and indicate how much integration will be necessary. 4. What type of reporting is required? (total sales, status of order, etc.) Where this information be displayed/stored? 5. What types of payment (PO, credit card, online or offline payment)? Which cards? (Visa/MC? American Express?) 6. Do you have an existing Internet Merchant Account for processing credit cards directly into your Bank account, and can it be used for Internet usage? (Some banks will not allow this, or will charge higher fees because of the high return/cancellation percentage.) 7. How many individual transactions do you “realistically” expect per day in the...
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