e-Commerce: Quick Development and Changes

Topics: Marketing, Electronic commerce, Business Pages: 3 (1110 words) Published: May 5, 2012
Section A
1. E -commerce booming is very fast since the heydays of the late 1990s. The quick development and change of the e-commerce went through from Internet boom,. Com craze and more the stock market at all time highs, etc. With the efficient valuable, convenient, capture potential customers, increasing sales benefits are the big threaten to CI business. The CI business background is simple and steady growth, and very content with the way they were. Since the product line had always been the same. Professional measuring tools for electricians sold through a sales force. From the perspective of industry and business background, at first, the company primarily through small, local acquisitions expanded to internationally. In 1998, Catatech’s revenues were nearly US$2 billion; the company is very enjoying steady growth and a healthy cash flow. Now which terrified Marisa, CIO of Catatech is the web site of “ E- herramientas” a company who provide the very similar product line to their own, available overnight anywhere in the world via Federal Express, complete with product descriptions, usage and recommendation, also provide on-line support on” ask the expert” project help. E-herramientas business transformation model which catch up with the step of the business development contains with challenges and opportunities which driven by consumer to consumer market platform, as a means of resource expansion, while Catatech don’t have. “E-herramientas” e commerce model is a big threatens to Catatech’s traditional selling way. The biggest benefit of conducting business online is to expand efficient and valuable than traditional sales, increase the revenue. eCommerce even include a cheaper upfront cost to the merchant, it's easier to set up and open the store and it's faster to get an Online business up, running and making sales. 2nd, Open for business 24*7 on line service, eCommerce site basically gives customer the ability to have unlimited store hours to...
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