E-Business Models

Topics: Marketing, Customer service, Electronic commerce Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: March 6, 2013
If you are around the age of 27 and living in today’s society then you will probably agree that the only thing that has been consistent is change. Entering into grade school we experienced a time when computers did not exist in every school and then graduating during a time when internet service was common in most households. The advancement of the World Wide Web has given businesses and consumers the capabilities of reaching audiences around the world. Consumers are smarter than ever along with the increased efficiencies and opportunities among businesses. The first company I chose to analyze is known as the largest express transportation service company in the world known as FedEx. The company operates in both business to consumers and business to business channels, but the primary revenue driver comes from its B2B operations. The website www.fedex.com offers a wide range of services such as online order tracking, shipping, bill pay options, print services, shipping products, customer account options, as well as international and global services. Until comparing FedEx to similar companies I did not know how large of a company it actually is in the global marketplace. (FedEx, 2012) FedEx e-commerce presence is primarily in the instant logistics and supply chain services it offers businesses. The e-commerce technology that provides applications and host services to business as well as integrating their tracking systems with internet stores such as Amazon.com. E-shipping and e-supply chain tools that FedEx offers online improve efficiencies of all size businesses. (FedEx, 2012) The second company that I chose to analyze was Verizon Wireless. This company’s primary homepage is www.verizonwireless.com and although Verizon operates multiple business models the main site is business to consumer (B2C). Although many still associate Verizon Wireless as being just a service provider, this company is quickly evolving into more of a technology company. The...
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