E-book and Kindle

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Lighting up Kindle

1.Visual and verbal imaging advertising theory would best fit the release of Kindle as this would have the maximum impact to help achieve the desired outcome and to kindle the interest among people.

Subsequently it would be good to follow the” hierarchy of effects model” to convert the excited prospect into a Kindle customer.

2.Leverage point for Kindle – Kindle provides a customer with the ability to carry his/her personal library with them and it makes it as easy as carrying ones wallet or handbag.

3.Kindle promotions can have both rational and emotional appeals.

Rational appeals rely on consumers paying attention to the commercial, comprehend and then compare it to the knowledge they already have about the product. Using a Kindle can save the trees and help the ‘go green’ initiative. Further, since Kindle is light weight carrying it becomes so easy when compared to carrying a whole load of books. Font sizes are static in printed books whereas, in Kindle, the reader can zoom in/out based on the readers convenience. At an emotional level, Kindle provides the readers with the ability to have instant gratification of buying and downloading books/magazines/newspapers at the thought of reading them. With Kindle, the reader gets the same choice of books to read where ever they are as if they are in their personal library. Kindle provides the customer the ability to buy new releases at the instant of launch without having to wait in long lines, nor having to fear that the store would run out of copies.

4.Headline- Kindle- Any book, Anywhere, Any time!!!
Kindle allows the readers to carry their personal collection of books, magazines etc. with them to any place they go very easily and it is simply a library to go! With its ability to download books over a wireless connection, Kindle helps the reader buy or download reading content whenever they want and wherever possible.

5.Positioning Statement for Kindle- A...
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