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Proposal for New Client
We are please to welcome you as a new customer of Keller Advertising Agency. We feel honor and special that you have chosen us to introduce the new eReader into the marketplace. As the Vice President, I will make sure that we have a very clear vision for your company and will work to ensure that all visions, missions, objective value, and strategies are in place to fulfill your business expectation. Our expectation is to change consumers reading habit base on technology that will help the eReader translate any type of books with no different as a hard cover book. We have a great product as compared to the competitors, its strengths and features represent keys elements for success. We will ensure that its new name will reflects the manufacture design while creating the brand image their need, and will also identify the needs for specifics customer group via a certain distribution channels in particular geographic areas. We also need to determine an effective advertising campaign that will fit the group. Now, our strategy is to prepare the most effective plan on how to execute an advertising campaign to capture market share from our competitors. Libra Tech has a lot of potentials with the new eReader features flip page technology, our strategy in pursuit the company goals and objectives to achieve sales of 3.5 million dollars in the tree years time.

Product naming strategy:
We would name the product "Reader-tech" as reading technology, because it is easy to create the brand image for that particular product. We are choosing this name because "Reader-Tech" would normally fit into diverse markets segment, and we believe this will be used and become one of the most brand names' recognition in the United State in the nest few years. Many companies are market the eReader product, but it is very important to keep it very simple for the creation of the brand image. Base on the ebook "page 27" "Branding decisions are critical because the brands a company owns may be its most important capital asset. Imagine the value of owning a brand name such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Porsche, or Levi's. BusinessWeek's annual brand value report ranks Coca-Cola as the most valuable brand in the world". In this point, Reader-Tech will create a brand image because of its unique valuable that will also communicate the value and services to customers.

Base on our research from different websites, e-books in the internet, we found that there are 6 types eReader review in the market places base in the 2011 e-reader review. The top 6 are:
1- The Apple iPad is the ideal device for those of you that need to be able to do something more than just read ebooks. Maybe you want to check your email or watch movies. Perhaps you want to be able to listen to iTunes while reading a magazine in bed. The iPad measures about 9.5″ tall by 8″ wide and is .5″ thick. This one is the second bigger eReader in the market place. The price is from $492.99 new, $320.00 used, and $443.93 refurbished. 2- Kindle 3 Reviews is the best option for those of you looking for a reading experience that mimics that of a real book. The Kindle is light in weight, has a long battery life, and uses the ‘Pearl’ E Ink display. This gives you the benefit of longer, uninterrupted reading sessions, enabling you to enjoy what’s truly important

3- Despite the DX being one of the biggest eReader, it’s surprisingly light. It only weighs 18.9 ounces. The Kindle DX comes with 4 GB of memory, with only 3.3 GB of it being usable. This is the equivalent to 3,500 ebooks, and the price is $379.00 at Amazon.

4- 2011 Kobo eReader Touch and Wireless Review: the Borders version of the ebooks reader is compact. There are two different models, the new Kobo eReader Touch, and the Kobo Wireless eReader.

5- 2011 Nook Wi-Fi + 3G Review:
For those who are looking for a well-rounded reader with 3G capability, access to a huge selection of reading material, and...
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