A World Affected by Pollution and Global Warming

Topics: Pollution, Environmentalism, Global warming Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Roy M. Harrison.(2001) Pollution:Cause, Effects and Control. Royal society of chemistry. This author concentrates mainly chemical and radioactive pollution. The book speaks of the sources of pollutants and their effects on both living and non livings especially human. It also shows how chemical pollution can also cause of water, air and land pollution.

Agarwal S.K. Water pollution. APH publishing(Jan.1 2005)
The author bases the book on recent views, ideas and contribution of various leading ecologist information of water pollution. It show how to use waste water and its treatments.

Irina Gray (2008). Pollution effects on humans, animals, plants and the environment. The writer shows the various types and causes of pollution and its effects on the environment. It shows the effect on human ranging mild discomfort to serious diseases. It also how the effect destroy animal life and the atmosphere. Credit: www.Tropical-Rainforest-Animals.com

Margaret A. Wheatley(1996). Social and cultural impact of mercury pollution on Aboriginal people in Canada. Neurotox 17(1), 251-256 The writer explores the link between mercury pollution and social &cultural disruption in Canadian aboriginal communities. It shows the difficulties in communication that contribute to the social and cultural impacts and their health effects. Credit:

V. Ramanathan and G. Carmichael(2008). Global and regional climate changes due to black carbon.Nature Geoscience 221-221. The writers express how black carbon becomes air pollution and how it affects both the climate and the environment. This book said that the pollution affect different regions and the "black carbon in soot is the dominant absorber of visible solar radiation in the atmosphere." Credit: www.nature.com/ngeo/journal/v1/n4/full/ngeo/56.html

S.Fred Singer.(1968) Global Effects of environmental pollution. Science 13 vol. 162 no 3859....
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