A Very Short Story

Topics: Ernest Hemingway, World War I, Lost Generation Pages: 2 (828 words) Published: October 2, 2011
“A very short story”
(By Esther Monshouwer)

“A very short story” is written by Ernest Hemmingway, and published in 1925 In our time. It’s about a love affair between an American soldier and an Italian nurse, named Luz, during a war (probably world war one). They met and fell in love while he was wounded and in the hospital. They wanted to get married right away, but they didn’t have the right paperwork or time. They decided that he would go to New York after the war (armistice) and get a job, and she would come after. He didn’t like it that she wouldn’t come with him right away. He went to America while she stayed behind. She met a major of an Italian battalion and they made love. She wrote to the American that she had fallen in love for real and what they had had only been boy-girl love. But the major didn’t marry her, and the American never wrote back. Soon after, he got gonorrhoea from a department store employee while riding in a cab through Lincoln Park. Although “A Very Short Story” is really short in terms of length, it contains several conflicts and events. The story is over a longer period of time. The story begins in Padua, Italy. There is an army camp. Before the climax of the story breaks, he and Luz go to another place in Italy too, Duomo. The he goes back to the front. He returns to his own country, the USA, on a boat from Cenova; Luz stays in Italy, Pordonone, and opens a hospital. The places mentioned in the story are these specified above. The author does not say which war the story mentions. However, it can be understood from the story and Hemingway’s own experiences that this war is WWI. As the duration of the story is about a year (four seasons), the exact year is probably 1918-1919. (The war ended in 1918, and the second part of the story occurs after the armistice) Another clue for our understanding it is the First World War is that the term “the armistice”. This term is specifically used for WWI. There are only three characters in...
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