Story "Rip Figs"

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Ripe Figs

Mariah Stevens

June 30, 2011
Eng Comp II 8:00-10:20

Ripe Figs

This story, is my opinion, was based on Maman-Nainaine being ready to let Babette go away for the summer. Maman-Nainaine is a very wise lady and has her methods on the way events should happen. Babette is an energetic youngster. The story Ripe Figs by Kate Chopin uses natural imagery, contrast, and cyclical plotting. Natural Imagery is when the author uses nature to create images in the readers head. While reading Ripe Figs, I felt “warm rains and plenty of strong sunshine” (Chopin p1). The author expresses the season of summertime slowly approaching. Babette carefully examined the figs as “she walked slowly beneath them, spreading branches” (Chopin p1). Babette wanted to go to “her cousin's house by the Bayou- Boeuf, where the sugar canes grows” (Choplin p1). These were a few examples of natural imagery in this story. The contrast through this story, in my opinion, was Maman-Nainaine, the god-mother, was a calm person and seems as if she makes decisions based on nature. Babette, the god-daughter, was very anxious, impatient, and had plenty of energy. “Maman-Nainaine was patient as the statue of the la Madone” (Chopin p1). “Babette was as restless as a humming-bird” (Chopin p1).The two were very different in their own reasons, but that’s what makes them unique. Cyclical plotting took place on how Babette may never get a chance to go to her cousin's house until the figs were ripe. “Maman-Nainaine would be looking for tante Frosine when the chrysanthemums bloom” (Chopin p1). Babette matures along with the figs by carrying Maman-Nainaine’s love with her to her cousins. Cyclical plotting can stand out in front of you if you understand it. Ripe Figs was based on having patience; therefore, sometimes may be the best thing. Maman-Nainaine was a great example of using patience and being wise also. Babette was the exact opposite. She was impatient and restless. The story...
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