Themes in Postmodernism

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  • Published : May 11, 2011
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Usually, short stories contain a profound theme which is applicable to the modern society. And the five short stories-“Was it A Dream?”, “On the Sidewalk Bleeding”, “Kath and Mouse”, “G.Trueheart” and “Thank you Ma’am” are brought forth in a well organized manner so that the reader is given a good message. Each story includes a good message, a setting and has used good characters. Almost all the characters in the five short stories are built up by the authors with excellent characterization although some characters have a number of weaknesses. Firstly, the two characters in the story “Was it A Dream?” are made up with excellent characterization. Guy de Maupassant has given life to the characters and the reader is given a romantic feeling by the boy’s actions and with the words written on the tombstone of his fiancée-“She loved, was loved, and died.” Secondly, the two characters- lady, Roger in the story “Thank you ma’am”, are good owing to the entertainment reader can gain. For example, the sentence “The large woman simply turned around and kicked him right square in his blue jeaned sitter”, is funny. Thirdly, the characters Kath and Mouse and the narrator are the three main characters in the short story “Kath and Mouse”. The characters-Kath and Mouse are outstanding because of the names given to that two characters. Next, the main two characters of the story “On the Sidewalk Bleeding”, Andy and Laura, are built up by the writer with a good effort, yet those characters have some weaknesses. The character of Andy is boring on account of the fact that Andy’s story is woven in only around one place- a sidewalk. Lastly, the dog and Tom in the story “G.Trueheart, Man’s best Friend” are unimaginative due to the actions of, specially, the dog. It is said that the dog, rather than a dog, looks like a hippopotamus. Therefore, it is unusual. Finally, when considering the above facts, I like the characters of the short story,...
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