Notes for Postmodernism

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Ang Postmodernong Panitikan
Can be a time period, but it's not very clear on when it takes place. Can't say it started at a certain year. Events of history which create this period.
Four Events.
1.) Mula industriyal na produksyon patungong Teknolohikal na Produksyon. (The industrial age.) Before the industrial age, there was a single technique, making a single thing coming from a person. Industrial age comes from the factories, assembly lines and the like. But if we go forward, to the factories today where most factories just run based off a very easy job, like pushing a button. Shift from Industrial -> Teknolohikal 2.) Pag-angat ng Kapitalismo kahit hindi nito kayang pakainan ang malaking porsyento ng mundo. Marxism fights against Kapitalism. The further rise of Kapitalism despite not being the perfect system. Kapitalism ripped the way for Post-modernism. Despite the distance between the reality and superstructure. 3.) Pag-angat ng industriya ng impormasyon.

The desire for the memory, the best possible technology for your sake. The demand for the best memory and RAM to process that information. If you can get the information as fast as possible, then we become more powerful. Nowadays, information is power. We can easily get the information we want, as compared to before where we had to ask, we can now search. 4.) Globalisasyon. Ang paglusaw ng mga hangganan ng mga bansa at pag-ako ng mga multinasyunal na negosyo ang kapangyarihan. Right now, it seems to be all about the multinational companies all over your country. You are globalized when you have many many multinational companies. We used to go all over to look for certain companies, but now we have them! Katangian of Post-modern literature.

Pastiche at Intertekstuwal. Ang pagsasama-sama ng mga teksto at anyong sining na tila walang kaugnayan sa isa't isa. The joining of seemingly unrelated things to join together to make an art. (Lady Gaga's Meat dress statements). Parodya. Ang pagsira sa sagradong...
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