A Test on National Park Goals in Canada

Topics: Tourism, Indigenous Australians, Culture Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Study guide for Mid-term 2 Test
Important: The actual test will cover 20 multiple choice questions 20 fill in the blanks questions, and five short questions (2-4 sentences). There won’t be any choices. Test duration is 60 minutes. Actual questions will come from the following topics:

1. Flowchart by Wall and Wright (1977) – what does the chart illustrate? 2. Mountain resource characteristics – six characteristics 3. Trail impacts in Mt. Robson Park – indicators of trail impacts 4. Visitation levels at Berg Lake and Mt. Fitzwilliam trails 5. Survey techniques of trail assessment

6. Vegetation impacts
7. Amount of research (recreation and tourism related) conducted on water and air quality issues compared to soil and vegetation 8. National park goals in Canada
9. Three different types of relationship that is possible between tourism and environment 10. Concept of resistance and resiliency in the context of vegetation impacts 11. Classification system for assessing recreation/tourism impacts on wildlife 12. Spatial features exhibited by recreation/tourism impacts 13. Changes in species composition due to recreational/tourism impacts 14. Implications of national parks on local communities. Problems caused by national park on local communities as in the case of Thailand. 15. Soil cycle

16. Reasons why the quality of environment is important to tourism 17. Factors influencing the type and amount of tourism impacts 18. Concept of tourist center, front country and backcountry areas and specific types of activities in these areas. 19. The relationship between snowmobile and deer

20. Primary consequences of doing nothing about the environment 21. Similarities and Differences between Canadian and Thai national park objectives 22. Environmental impacts caused by recreation and tourism on soil and vegetation 23. IUCN and its categories of protected areas

24. The importance of water in Thai...
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