A Term Paper: Participatory Approach on School Administration and Supervision

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A Term Paper: Participatory Approach on School Administration and Supervision


This paper is focused on the purpose of applying the participatory approach to school supervision and administration. School supervision and administration are interconnected. They take part in each other’s affairs because they share common goals. The administrative body of schools corresponds to the whole educational system, while supervision represents a portion of it in terms of improving the total teaching-learning condition in the school. The administration highlights the authority, so every act is based on authority. The supervision, on the other hand is based on service. But though each has its own duty and purpose, the essence of working using the participatory approach will help in the proper execution and realization of rules and plans. Not only that, but also with the improvement of the educational systems. In administration and supervision, principles become part of a philosophy which serves to establish and evaluate educational objectives, attitudes and practices (Dimmock and Walkter, 2005).

The participatory approach in the administrative level will most probably build up the skills and competencies on the level of the student body. Students have the break to combine their practical experience with current school environment they have. The usefulness of participatory approach is not solely seen on the level of the students, but on the way curriculum advancement become acceptable to their learning world. The knowledge that students get is based on the supervision and administration applied which has been visible in developed countries, but is now being applied in the school systems in some developing countries such as the Philippines. It takes extraordinary knowledge, commitment and skill to take both fields and become effective leaders in education. The tasks of both are closely related because school...
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