Parental Involvement in Education

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There is a question which always arises in the minds of parents, teachers and the administration of schools — “Why is there a need for parents to be involved in school life as it is after all the child who attends the school, and not the parents?”

It is a well understood and researched fact that when parents involve themselves in their children’s education, the learning positively of the children relates to higher achievements. So, the more intensively parents are involved in their children’s learning, the more beneficial are the achievements and their effects with a long-lasting impact.

There are strong indications that the most effective forms of parental involvement are those which engage parents in working directly with their children on learning activities. Programmes which directly involve parents with their children like helping them with their reading, writing, homework, etc., while tutoring them using materials and instructions provided by the teachers, show particularly impressive results.

Likewise, any activity which provides parents the opportunity to take part in decision making about school programmes is also a form of involvement. This may include being a school board member, a participant on a parent advisory committee or a local school improvement council, or an active member of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Areas/programmes in which parents can help to make decisions include goal setting, development and implementation of programme activities, assessment, personnel decisions and fund allocations, etc.

However, the area of parental involvement in daily educational activities has been one of the most controversial issues. Some parents would like to play a more active role in this type of involvement, whereas most school administrators and teachers exhibit great reluctance to encourage parents to become partners in governance and they assume it an unnecessary interference and hindrance to the smooth functioning of schools....
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