A Tale of Two Airlines Case Study

Topics: Customer service, Flight attendant, Airline Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: March 25, 2012
Case Study: A Tale of Two Airlines in The Network Age

Empowering your employees with industry standard service training and motivated working attitude company-wide will help the company thrive in the Network Age. Airline customer service experience depends on more than Information Technology only. Human Factors went above and beyond what IT can provide and could jeopardize the service quality. IT Managers today should take human factors more seriously than ever. “A Tale of Two Airlines in The Network Age” case description of Professor McPherson’s extremely different flying experience with the two Airlines lays out the facts of what matters the most in such a difficult situation. Airlines are constantly facing unexpected delays caused by weather conditions. How to improve customer service quality in those occasions has become a challenge to airline management and should be dealt with great attention. The lists of factors below compare the difference of customer service provided by the two airlines from different aspects. * Airline one completely missed customer service expectation of a loyal frequent flyer

Customer Prof. McPherson Assumption| Airline one Experience Facts| Full Fare Ticket equal to making a connection| Not recognized| Gold Card Member equal to extra service care| Missed or Not Checked| Expect airlines to wait from previous experience in similar situation| Not empowered stuff, who cares|

* Airline two delivers unbeatable customer service experience through flexibility and empowerment

Customer Prof. McPherson Self Help| Airline two Experience Facts| Try his luck changing flight| Gate agent relieved Pro. McPherson of his previous flight| | Gate agent waited and helped Prof. McPherson board the plane minutes before door closed| | Cabin attendant served Prof. McPherson drinks and explains the situation| | Empowered Cabin crew checked connecting customer and is aware of 8 strangled passengers| | Empowered...
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