A Study on the Switching Behaviour of Customers During Television Commercials

Topics: Infomercial, Television advertisement, Marketing Pages: 25 (6542 words) Published: June 26, 2012

Chapter I
Literature Review

Along with the extreme competition prevailing in the market to convince people about the authenticity of the manufacturers’ products and to attain more brand recall, manufacturers’ are aggressively investing on the promotional activities of the products. In 2011, according to the report of FICCI Frames 2012 the total television subscribers in India are 119 million & television viewing time is 154 minutes per day. Looking at this large segment in the entertainment & media industry the marketers are readily switching to television commercials to promote their products. In 2011, the total television advertisement revenue is 116 INR billion. As the advertisements are quickly registered in consumers mind, advertisers are inclined to give ads to make viewership as high as possible. But due to increase in channels i.e. 831 channels in 2012 it is observed that viewers tend to switch channels more during break times which reduce authenticity of promotional effort and cost associated for ads. Previously a study conducted by Sourav Banerjee (2010) said that there are 22 factors which influence the channel switching behaviour of consumers. A study conducted by London Business School revealed that people do many other things like talking, reading, channel hopping and household chores instead of watching television during breaks. There is a gap in this study, no researcher found out which are all the factors affecting the channel switching behaviour in different gender & age groups. Our project focus on the psychological facets of the viewers that insights them to switch channels during breaks and reasons for channel switching behaviour during television commercials with a sample taken from city of Cochin. The following segment of the research compares the behaviour patterns of male-female genders & two separate age groups. It is likely that the study would provide great help to the marketers in identifying solutions for channel switching behaviour of consumers and make strategies to promote their products through television commercials in order to increase their break TRP. The remainder of the report is organised as follows: a basic literature review is done to support the research objectives followed by research methodology, television industry profile, data interpretation & analysis, findings & conclusions, suggestions & recommendations. Literature Review

Channel switching (also known as channel surfing, channel hopping or zapping) is the practice of quickly scanning through different television channels or radio frequencies in order to find something interesting to watch to or listen to. According to media scholar Henry Jenkins, zappers are the people who have a causal relationship with their televisions. Zappers do not remain on one channel for long, but continuously skip from one show to show; stopping for only few minutes at a time on a particular channel (Jenkins 2006) Advertisements influence the viewers’ moods & attitudes & are the biggest medium to facilitate brand recall (Ramanuj Majumdar 2010)

Chapter II
Research Methodology

Research Methodology

Primary Objective
The main objective of the project is as follows:
To study the factors influencing channel switching behaviour of individuals during television commercials.

Secondary Objective
1. Study which factors influencing the channel switching behaviour of male & female individually 2. Study which factors influencing the channel switching behaviour of youth & middle-aged individually 3. Study what kind of channels are mostly watched by different gender & age groups

Research Questions
1. What are the factors influencing the channel switching behaviour of individuals during television commercials? 2. What are the factors influencing the channel switching behaviour of male & female individually? 3. What are the factors...
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