A Story That No One Else Knows

Topics: Debut albums, English-language films, Mind Pages: 2 (349 words) Published: April 9, 2013
She can barely see straight
With all those tears stinging her eyes
He led her down a make believe path
All filled with stupid lies
"Remember you said you loved me?
Were you saying that to her too?
And the sweet kisses as well
Or the I'll never lead you's?
Of all the broken promises
I've forgiven you for
This one is different"
She says as she walks out the door.
Now listen to me, and do listen close
For I shall tell you a story
That no one else knows
It's about a broken hearted girl
Trying so hard to face this cruel world
Having no one to save her
As her tear filled eyes
Make everything a blur.
Her parents say they hate her
For her atrocious attitude
And bad behavior
"If only they could see
What is on the inside of me"
She thinks to herself
Swallowing another pill
She starts to cry
Wondering how her life got so bad
Knowing she would soon die
She takes another pill and chokes it down
Thinking of the past
Memories all around
Now listen to me and do listen close
Cause there's something about this girl that no one else knows After all those pills she swallowed down
She still survived, though no one knew how!
At that moment she set her mind on a thought
"I'm not living here to rot
I'll do whats right
Not what's wrong
I'll try to turn my life around
I'll not give up! I will stay strong!"
After all those years of pain she'd been through
She decided to change
And be someone new!
Now you're listening to me, but still listen close
I'll tell you something
That everybody should know
You can't give up hope!
Keep staying strong!
You never know what happens
Or what life brings along
After reading this
You know how it is
You've felt this way before
You've done stupid things
But now I know
That you listened to me, yes you listened close
And I told you a story
That no one else knows...
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