The Greatest Story Never Told

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Until Now

Albert Lynn Barcroft

Atarid Industries Press

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Original COMMON LAW COPYRIGHT OCTOBER 1999, Expanded Edition 2001 United States Postal Copyright February 2000

Printed in America by Atarid Industries Press Published Worldwide 2001. THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD

--Until Now!—

"A scholarly, well documented work supported by incontrovertible facts yet easy to read, follow, understand, and apply for the layperson."—Octavian Lee

"I had always heard the rumors that this country was run by bankers but never really understood what that meant until reading Al Barcroft's book. But this only represents one of a multitude of revelations that are contained in this gem."—Benjamin Lewis

"The second book on the shelf in my private library next to the Bible used to be Shakespeare's complete works. From here on, Al Barcroft's work will hold this spot."—M. D. Rutledge

"This isn't a book Americans should wait to read until their backs are against the wall or they have run out of options."—Scott Stevens

"I wonder if it is possible for the average American to nominate an author for a Pulitzer Prize? The true story told in Al Barcroft's book not only meets but exceeds the standard for such an achievement. There aren't many non-fiction (or fiction for that matter) pieces that I have read which offer such force and power!"—J. DuBois

"There are not too many people that I have ever thanked God for putting on this earth, but Al Barcroft is a certifiable American hero and treasure."—Katherine St. James


This book is dedicated to those brave men who gave all they had on this earth in order to leave the gift of freedom to their descendants.



Chapter 1Citizenship

Chapter 2Our Money System

Chapter 3The Internal Revenue Service

Chapter 4What is the United States

Chapter 5The Courts

Chapter 6Terms

Chapter 7The Government and the Church

Chapter 8The Best Kept Secret

Chapter 9How To Use This Book

Chapter 10My Story


Appendix ADeclaration of Independence
(July 4, 1776)

Appendix BConstitution of the United States

Appendix CGlossary of Legal Definitions & Terms
(Black's Law)

PREFACE_____________________________________________________ _________

The book you are about to read is a compilation and result of 15 years of hard study, work, failures, and successes that I have personally experienced in my own fight to regain the birthright left to me by my forefathers. Those forefathers gave their property, standing in the community, and even their lives in order to leave to me those freedoms, which had never before existed, for the common man on this earth. Most of them suffered hardships that we today could not even imagine, and they did it all so that their children and posterity could ever have freedom forevermore. The gift they left us is the most wonderful and valuable gift ever given by a human being; and, I have no doubt that it was inspired and coordinated by God himself. This book is dedicated to those brave men who gave all they had on this earth in order to leave the gift of freedom to their descendants. Although most of their descendants no longer even realize the great gift left to them, the sacrifices made by those heroes will forever be enshrined in the Freedom's Hall of Fame as the framers of the most wonderful system of government ever devised...
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