A Research About Reasons Make People Not Learning English Easily

Topics: Language, Vocabulary, Language education Pages: 19 (6723 words) Published: May 22, 2013

A researcher paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course 2010-2014

Submitted by: Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Mai

D.A Nguyễn Thanh Tuấn

Ho Chi Minh City, December, 2012
Foreign Language Faculty, Hong Bang University


Chapter 1: Introduction3

Chapter 2: Literature Review51.1 What is Vocabulary?51.2 The real situation of learning English nowadays61.3 The importance of Vocabulary61.4 Word Poverty71.5 Vocabulary Development8

Chapter 3: Methodology111.1 Subject111.2 Research Procedure1113.Sample Selection111.4 Sample Techniques121.5 Data Collection121.6 Reliability and Validity12

Chapter 4: Discussion141.1 Figure 114
1.2 Figure 2151.3 Figure 3161.4 Figure 4171.5 Figure 5181.6 Figure 619

Chapter 5: Conclusion20

Chapter 1: Introduction
Many people learning English as their second language have the same problem. What is the reason why they cannot remember the word that they used to know or read before when they need it? Why? Although you learnt it and it may be not a very hard word to recognize, you still cannot be able to speak that word out or write it down. It seems disappear mysteriously and never exists in your head. “Vocabulary is a very important element within a language as the overwhelming majority of meaning is carried lexically. There are certainly other elements such as: grammar, stress, rhythm, intonation, tone of voice, pauses, hesitations or silences, not to mention the use of non-vocal phenomena: kinesics and proxemics features” (Rosa M.). In my point of view, we cannot learn any languages without knowing the vocabulary of it. It is obviously that how we can express our statuses, our feelings and how we can communicate with no word even in speaking or writing. In 1990, Mc Carthy stated, “no matter how well the student learn the lessons grammar, no matter how successfully the sounds of L2 are mastered, without words to express a wide range of meanings, communication in an L2 just cannot happen in any meaningful way.” (L2-second language). Therefore, to find problems of being difficult to use vocabulary is one of the most necessary things to solve. Although the other factors are also important, vocabulary is definitely the first section which must be done well for learners. You must have been embarrassed at least once and felt stuck when you cannot speak the L2 word out in public. So you have to replace it to another word that is not as excellent as the one before. It’s all because you didn’t remember that word. After reading this material, you will discover causes and solutions to defeat your vocabulary weakness. In general, the “Solution for Using English Vocabulary in Speaking and Writing” is completely useful for all high school students and nonprofessional English university students. However, the other university students can also apply this research in their study. As everybody seems to underestimate learning vocabulary, we usually think just learn by heart and understand new words, that’s enough. But it is wrong! Nowadays, when the standard of life is more and more increasing, people pay less attention into worrying about what to eat or what to wear anymore, conversely, they have turned to worry about their knowledge. Particularly, parents who want their children have the best education at school and they always attempt to do it, so learning second language should be a typical example of this tendency. Many years ago, Vietnamese started learning other languages like Chinese, French and above all others was English. Nevertheless, it was not popular as present and learners mainly taught themselves studying. Thank to modernization, newly imported cultures of foreign countries, we have more chance to approach and...
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