What Role Does Language and Language Diversity Play in the Critical Thinking Process?

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Logic Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: May 25, 2011
Language is one of the greatest tools for people. Through languages we are able to communicate with other people through our sadness, joy, anger and confusion. When there are two people, it is inevitable that our lines will cross and how it resolves depends on communication. Language helps us organize what we wish to tell the other person. When we don’t know the language well enough, we experience difficulty in understanding each other. Furthermore, it is widely held that knowing more language widens our understanding of our experiences. Part of the reason is because when you learn new languages, you learn the culture that comes with it. For example, we cannot fully learn the Korean language without know in the culture. In the learning process, we must learn the culture within the language itself. We also need to be aware that some words do not translate to other language. In that case, we have to think critically on how we could describe in the best way to communicate. As we do that, we acquire more skill in communicating to another, such as considering what the other person might be experiencing. Language and language diversity play a big part in organizing, summarizing, and most importantly responding to the whole process of critical thinking. In critical thinking, communication is the outcome and language obviously is a big part of communication. Communication requires understanding. As I introduced, language is designed so that we can communicate for understanding what and how we feel. Using visual language such as gestures, signs, and pictures also helps with the process of understanding. Interestingly, words have ambiguous meanings based on the different contexts. It is very important to be able to recognize the context in which the word is used in order that there will be clear critical thinking. I believe that language empowers or limits the expression of our thoughts, however I also know that we have emotions that are very difficult to describe. With...
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