A Promise

Topics: High school, Cosmetology, College Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Tynisa Goldwire

English 121

Joseph Hankinson


Throughout my life I have had to deal with many problems and situations. I have always tried to better myself, but it was always very hard. I finally decided to return to school, get my degree in communication and start a career that I enjoy. I was most motivated to finish school, because I made a promise to my mother before she passed with liver cancer in 2003. At that time, I was going to cosmetology school and had two little girls. I remember her looking weak and frail in her hospital bed. I could see how tired and almost sedated she was, but still she worried about how my future was going to turn out. She looked at me with tears running from the sides of her eyes and made me promise her that I would finish school. I have since then obtained a master cosmetologist license and I am now in school to get a communications degree.

As I grew up and went to high school, I was always motivated to go off to school. I was more ready to escape the tight grip of my father than I was eager to really attend college. I graduated high school and went off to college as I had planned. I was only there for a year before I got pregnant with my first child and had to drop out. I moved back home, hurt, saddened and disappointed in myself. My mother on the other hand, never held my failure against me. She would just smile at me, rub my back and tell me to keep trying. I always felt comforted by her belief in me and I went back to cosmetology school.

By the time I started back to college, I had my second little girl. I was doing very well in my classes; I was never late or missed any classes. I started to notice my mother getting sick. She always kept busy working. She was a bus driver for special needs patients, which kept her on the go pretty much all day long....
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