A Place Where the Sea Remembers: Talk About Unique Character Like Candelario Marroquin

Topics: Pregnancy, Marriage, Family Pages: 2 (915 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Severo De La CruzMs. KaneEnglish 4/528 April 2011
Fate Stained Lives
In A Place Where the Sea Remembers, the author talks about a lot of unique characters. Candelario Marroquin is a man who has had a very hard life, but now that he has been promoted it looks like his life with Chayo, his wife, is looking up. He is a big character in the book and is greatly affected by fate.In the opening of the book, when Candelario Marroquin is first introduced in the story, he is painting the door of his house blue as a celebration that he has just gotten promoted to a salad maker. It is expressed that Cande is very fond of the color blue and all of its meaning to him. As the story goes on, Cande gets fired from the job after he makes an inedible salad, although his boss, Don Gustavo, is the one who had created it.Candelario is affected by many things that go on in the story. For instance, he is indirectly affected by rape because his sister in law, Marta, gets raped. This also ties in with abortion because Marta wants to get an abortion, but Cande offers to take care of the baby once it is born. When he finds out that Chayo also gets pregnant he decides not to take Marta's baby because they are unable to take care of both, so then Marta is forced to have the baby and take care of it on her own as a single parent. Moreover, she becomes desperate and puts a spell on their unborn baby. Later on in the story, his nephew Richard, Marta's son, dies in a terrible storm and gets washed away into the sea. It can be considered karma that Marta's son dies. Candelario's wife Chayo is connected with all of these events as well. It is fate for them that they have a baby and therefore cannot take care of Marta's baby, which cause her to do what she did and put a spell on their baby. It is also fate for them that Cande got fired from his job as a salad maker. Most of the events related to Cande that I earlier mentioned are also fate for Marta. Marta and Cande's action are closely related....
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