A Place Where No One Is Judged.

Topics: John Wyndham, Mind, The Chrysalids Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: May 21, 2013
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A Place Where No One Is Judged.

In The Chrysalids, by John Wyndham; David is faced with challenges as he pursues his personal desire to let everyone live freely in his society. David believes his society should change how they run almost everything, David does not agree that anyone or anything should be killed or sent away because they are not ‘normal’. In David’s society they teach the children rules to follow. The children need to follow the rules all their lives while living in Waknuk. Not following the rules comes with serious consequences.

Some of the risks David took from knowing are: Sophie’s foot. (pg. 49), sarcastaly wishing for another hand. (pg. 22), and being involved with the telepathic group.

When David first met Sophie he had no idea she had a sixth toe, when he accidently found out he did not judge her or think of her any differently. David wanted to become friends with Sophie. David knew if he were to tell, Sophie would be sent away. David hated knowing that any day Sophie might get discovered and then has to leave. *

At dinner time one afternoon David was not thinking and he wished for another hand so he could get more accomplished. Everyone at the table heard and stopped what they were doing and stared at David. After David said that he quickly realised he should not have wished for another hand. *

The telepathic group is not something you can choose to be in, you’re either in it or you have no idea that it exists. The group is for the telepathic ones in Waknuk society. If the inspector where to find out about the telepathic group everyone who gets discovered would be sent away to the Fringes... if they are lucky. *

David and Sophie would go to the stream and catch shrimp-things. Sophie felt left out and wanted to feel the sand between her toes. Alan came across the two the day which Sophie took off her shoes and walked on the sand to the water. Alan saw a footprint that looked queer. He then quickly realised...
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