Pleasantville Point of View

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Pleasantville Point of View Assignment

In Pleasantville, the main two characters were David as Bud and Jennifer as Mary Sue. These two teens are from the 1990s and get taken back to the 1950s sitcom “Pleasantville”. When they are taken back into time, the two teens took back with them modern day ways and alter the universe in “Pleasantville”. David and Jennifer didn’t try to stir up things for the town intentionally. David wanted to keep things the same so they can go back home and keep things in “Pleasantville” pleasant. Jennifer wanted to go back home as but as long as he had to stay there. She wasn’t going to do right like her brother want her to. Jennifer felt differently. She felt like they were too boring for her and wanted to shake things up a little bit. She wanted to bring the 1990s into the 1950s and kind of stirred things up. As time was going by and things started to change day by day; some of the older folks didn’t want the change. They wanted things to stay the way they have always been. The dad played as George was your standard dad that went to work every day and came home and expected to have his wife waiting on him hand and feet with dinner cooked. The mother Betty was your typical mother that got the kids up, fixed breakfast, ironed, had dinner cooked, etc.

When David alerted the fireman that there was afire but had to say cat. That was when things started to change. The other teenagers wanted to know how he knew about the fire. They wanted to know what was outside of “Pleasantville” and for once the books had words and they wanted to know more. They were intrigued to learn new things and wanted to know more. They weren’t afraid to venture out & absorb new things and experience life. David was a kid that was shy and afraid. He never went for the things he wanted in life. Back at his school in the 1990s he was afraid to ask out this girl he had a crush on. He stood from afar and watched while another guy was talking to his crush and...
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