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The Chrysalids Character Sketch of David (Rough copy)
David Strorm is the main Character in The Chrysalids. He is a ten year old boy who is left handed and has telepathy, in a very strict religious society. David has a special power he shares with a group of friends. David comes from a community which despises anything different from what is normal, and where his religiously zealous father Joseph Strorm constantly takes the rules regarding deviations too far. Three character traits that David has exhibited so far in the novel are confusion, bravery and The fact that David has telepathy in a society that is very unaccepting of differences causes him a lot of confusion. He does not know whether he is in fact, a mutant, or if he simply has a greater for of intellect. David also does not understand the dangers of mutants, as believed by Waknuk people. To him, they seemed to be like any other normal person. However, even though he does not agree, other people in Waknuk would like to rid the society of deviations. Such a fact us relevant when Alan Ervin notices the six digit footprint down by the stream. David shows great bravery by fighting with Alan, allowing Sophie to escape. Even after David returned home, and the adults had learned about Sophie, David remained brave and did not cry as his father whipped him. Also, David is a clever, cunning boy. Just before Alan could be sure of what he had seen, David managed to kick over a bucket of water, erasing the footprint. He also manages to evade being seen on the farm so that he does not have to do as much work. David's intelligence is also how Sophie knew to remove her shoe in order to free her ankle when she had caught it between the two rocks when she and David had first met.

So, although he lives in a strict society, David questions their beliefs and has to be courageous and cunning to avoid his own secret deviation from being discovered. These are David's three most evident traits...
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