A Place Called Home

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  • Published : October 17, 2012
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A Place Called Home

To provide a safe environment for teenage mothers that have no other resources available to them, where they will be able to raise their children, continue their high school education, and find employment. They will be taught the skills to become successful as parents and self-sufficient citizens of their community.

To become a leader in the mentoring and molding of the young single mothers of society, helping them on the road to success.

Central Idea:
Teenage child birth is on the rise, especially in poor communities. As a result, there are higher dropout rates, and more young people committing crimes such as theft and robbery.

I. A Place Called Home has identified a distinct market segment of customers based on age; those who are under 21. The distinction is important because of the high percentage of clients with children, and those in the younger market segment having far younger children. The under 21 age group is growing annually at 9%.This group has165, 454 potential clients. The overwhelming majority of clients come from lower socio-economic population groups. These segments can be difficult to communicate with, yet their use of Transitional Housing's services would give them some profound benefits.

II. Desiree Smith is the driving force behind the organization and fills the Executive Director role. Desiree earned a B.S. degree in Business from Bryant & Stratton College and a Master's in Sociology from Virginia Commonwealth University. Additionally, she has several years of social service project management while working as the program manager of City of Richmond Department of Social Services. During and since her tenure as program manager, Desiree has developed a comprehensive network of personal and professional contacts with key community leaders. This will be instrumental in raising the profile of Transitional Housing within the community as well as having a...
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