Crime Causation and Diversion

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  • Published : August 20, 2012
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Crime Causation and Diversion
Tina Avery
June 25, 2012
Professor: Debbie Nadeau

Crime Causation and Diversion
This paper will focus on two diversion programs operating in Florida to help reduce juvenile crime. According to USLegal, Inc. (2012), “diversion refers to diverting a defendant out if the criminal justice system by having them complete a diversion program rather than be incarcerated or serve another alternative sentence” (para. 1). The major causes of juvenile delinquent behavior and reason(s) a juvenile may be put into a diversion program. An overview of each program’s major goals, objectives, and core beliefs will be identified. The key participants and types of services provided to juveniles will be discussed. Finally, the paper will conclude with a discussion identifying, why the program is more effective at reducing juvenile crime. There are a number of programs in operation that juveniles benefit from; these programs help reduce crime. There are a variety of reasons juveniles commits delinquent acts. Within the last several years, crimes committed by juveniles have increased. This delinquency could be based on the juvenile’s culture or environment; these two factors may contribute to juvenile delinquency. Various reasons behind delinquent acts must be considered to observe juvenile crime causation. Crime committed by juveniles is one of the nation’s serious problems. The dramatic rise in juvenile violence began in mid-1980 and peaked in the early 1990s. Juvenile crime is crimes committed before one turns 18. Juveniles need to reach out and get help before it is too late. Parents are supposed to be role models for their children. The way children are brought up has a big influence on their behavior and their lifestyle. When delinquent acts committed are considered crimes, the courts are not looking to punish them, but rather help the individual get rehabilitated before it becomes too late. Purpose of the Juvenile Justice System

The purpose of the juvenile justice system is to tackle common issues causing distress among young people. Several programs are put in place, administered, and managed by the U.S. Department of Justice of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Programs delivered help crime prevention and gang reduction; youth crime prevention initiatives are provided by the support of grants and funding (Nicholas, 2012). Diversion Programs and Services Provided to Juveniles

One of the diversion programs available to juveniles in Florida is the AMIkids; this is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization established in 1969, and offers several types of programs for juveniles. According to AMIkids (n.d.), “More than 7,500 juveniles are offered a promising future that inspires learning, leadership and personal growth” (p. 1). This program has helped several juveniles become responsible and productive citizens. With the help of Florida Senator Louis de la Parte and Ollie Keller, Rosof could open AMIkids in Boca Raton, Florida. AMIkids headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida, with 29 other cities within the state that also serve as an agent of support for AMIkids programs. “AMIkids operates 24 residential programs, 23 day treatment programs, six Infinity Schools and three WINGS programs across eight states” (AMIkids, n.d., p. 1). Associated Marine Institutes, Inc. is a program evolved from AMIkids that allows juveniles to participate in programs that help may help him or her complete their high school education (Detention Diversion Advocacy, 1999). Associated Marine Institutes, Inc. was established in 1974 to provide services to affiliated organizations.

Community-Based Treatment
“Community treatment in juvenile justice refers to a number of interventions whose main similarity is that they are alternatives to placement in large, secure institutions, such as detention centers or training schools” (Barton, 2011, p. 1). Several programs are available to juveniles, such as...
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