A Partial Rememberance of a Puerto Rican Childhood Analysis

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  • Published: October 1, 2012
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In "A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhood," Judith Cofer accomplishes three powerful achievements: she gives details on the stories of her family experiences, shows her family stories in a strong imaginative language, and points out how family stories can take over a person's life. This essay seems to be very tricky because she goes from one story to another. Cofer's claim would be very difficult to understand if she started with one story; instead, she should finish explaining the initial story before moving on to the next one. Instead, Cofer shows how a woman can potentially go crazy if her man mistreats her. The essay is divided into thirteen paragraphs, each separated numerically, which makes it difficult to decipher each part and its intention. She wants to show how each paragraph is distinctively different, but in the end, comes together cohesively to explain the complete idea. Paragraphs 1 and 2 describe how women in the family gathered together as a group, conversing about their lives on the island. Paragraphs 3, 4, and 5 narrates Cofer's childhood, with Mama telling the story while Aunt Laura is being engaged by its strong ideals. Paragraphs 6, 8, 11, and 12 explains the story of Maria and Aunt Nena and gives strong explanations to support her story and how it is similar to someone else. In paragraph 7, Cofer describes her experience being raised as a Navy brat who was both Puerto Rican and American and how Maria influenced her. She wants to give us content about herself. In paragraph 13, Cofer includes ideals that women are being fooled by people, ending the story with laughter of women. She gives an effective sentence to warn the audience to not be fooled by others and that something might happen in the future. In Paragraph 1 the author opens a long sentence explaining that "at three or four o'clock in the afternoon, the women in the family gathered in Mama's living room to tell stories" (66). This statement explains female and men should not be in the same conversation. Women need privacy and need advice from each other. Women won’t ask men for advice because they don’t understand women ideas. This is why Cofer explains women would be together, so they can listen to each other’s problems. Later, they talk about her grandfather instead of discussing how women are supposed to tell their stories. At the end of paragraph, the author concludes with "this room was furnished with several mahogany rocking chairs, and carved rocker that passed down to Mama at the death of her mother" (66). The women sitting in the room with rocking chairs, tell stories to each other about their mothers. The chairs are passed down from previous generations. I think Cofer wants the present generation to learn about the previous generation to pass on to the future generation. In paragraph 3, she gives us a good example how "a man could leave a girl standing at the church altar with a bouquet of fresh flowers in her hands and disappear off the face of the earth" (67). Men seem to make wrong decisions by leaving a girl behind and don't care what will or may happen to the girl. Men are tired of female drama, so she decides to leave it all behind him. In Paragraph 5, she explains how "marriage was not something men would hope for but to pay for privilege of children" (67). Men don't care if they find the right women for marriage as long the women can produce children for them. Men don't want to settle down for only one woman but many women. She wants people to find out their hidden identity in the future. Kate married at the age of 17; she had a husband and a son. Her marriage was arranged by their parents and her husband wants to have kids to make his parents proud of him. Later, he wants to divorce her, but he would only pay for the child support. The husband seems to be cruel because he didn’t care for her. He treated her like he will her throw away, after he’s done using her. In this case, Cofer and I are aware how men use...
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