I Stand Here Ironing

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  • Published : April 25, 2007
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The point of view and narrative structure of I Stand Here Ironing, by Tillie Olson, completely affects the theme of the story in many ways. The theme of the story is the powerful bond between mother and daughter. The point of view would have been less personal if it had been changed. The narrative structure consists of flashbacks, which are very valuable to the story and the way it is meant to be read and understood. Since the mother is talking about her daughter's history, it makes the story more personal, because she witnessed all of her history. The story shows how the mother viewed her child, and how her child grew up. The point of view comes from a person who truly and unconditionally loves her child, and would do anything for them. She mentions all of the grief, anger, and sadness her daughter Emily went through. The theme of the story is the bond between a mother and daughter, and it is more personal and loving because the mother explains their lives. The narrative structure of the story is based on certain flashbacks to Emily's childhood, as her mother remembers them. This shows just how great of a love Emily's mother had for her daughter, who despite everything, still tried to do the best thing for her daughter, given the circumstances. Flashbacks give a personal view into events that happened, through a person who was there. The mother explains her anger and despair for some flashbacks, such as when her child was away at the asylum and when she was with her paternal family. The flashback of when Emily became a comedian was a happy one for her mother, who remembers the joy and excitement in her daughter during that time. If the point of view had been different, the whole story would have been affected. If Emily's point of view had been given, then it would have been more bleak and dismal, because she was not a happy child. She would, of course, have shown even more joy than her mother when she became a comedian. If the social worker had given her point...
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