A New England Nun

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  • Published : December 14, 2013
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A New England Nun is a wonderful story about 2 people who fell in love with each other and became engaged 14 years ago. With the hopes of making money separating them for most of their engagement, Louisa and Joe decide to stay together with the hopes of eventually becoming married. As time went on the couple noticed that there was a lot of built up sexual frustration from being apart from each other and both had decided to deal with it in their own ways. Louisa used the power of sewing and gardening to control her thoughts. Joe, on the other hand, grew close to a girl names Lily, who, in the end, would change both of their lives forever and would help both of them live happily ever after. The symbolism used in the story portrays many physical thoughts and the temptations that we as humans face on a daily basis. Would the sexual tensions between the characters really be enough to keep them together?

Day in and day out Louisa would tend to the things are her house. She enjoyed her life and the little things she had in it. When Joe decided to come around, it seemed as if he would only come visit in order to relieve his sexual tension and then go back to what he was doing. He would be gone for long intervals of time, returning only when on leave. The long periods of absence and an assumed frustration at her apparently unrequited love may encourage biographically informed readers to read the story of Louisa and Joe. (Couch, par 2) Joe dropped in unexpectedly so often, Louisa found herself very unhappy. Did Louisa really want to spend the rest of her life with this man, or did she want to be by herself and enjoy the things she loved the most? Her heart told her one thing, but the sexual chemistry between them made her choose to stay with him and keep him happy. While Louisa loves her autonomous life and is pleased, self-confident, and happy in being her own woman, she is willing to give all of this up for a man, Joe Dagger, with full understanding that she is...
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