Silence- Their Eyes Are Watching God

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  • Published : February 3, 2011
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Words, one of the world's most powerful weapons; depending on how you use them. The way words are used in speech can effect your life, for the best or the worst. One author in particular who is a specialist in Novelist, Folklorist, and Anthropy had put her knowledge in to writing a novel called Their Eyes Were Watching God, which was written by Zora Neale Hurtson herself. Hurtson based this novel on a belief that most folks are as happy as they make their minds up to be, but the main character in the novel proves that statement to be legit; if you don't change your life then it will never change. One major step in changing your life is speaking up for what you believe in. Throughout the novel we find out the changes Janie goes through to pursue happiness.

Imagine a sixteen year old girl, with no fatherly figure and no mother to guide her, she is left with her nanny; the girl is curious about love and emotions. This girl is Janie, when Janie was sixteen her nanny saw her kiss a young boy named Johny Taylor and told Janie that she was mature enough to get married. Janie had antipathy toward her nanny's decision; she thought that the man she was to marry, Logan Killicks, was old and gross. Janie didn't want to disrespect her nanny's choice; so she married Logan. Although she voiced her opinion on him, it was weak; sometimes happiness for one's self brings dissapointment to others. Janie stayed with Logan for a short amount of time before she decided she was going to leave him. Her voice became heard more when she made her own decision on her pursuit of happiness.

Down the road, Janie left Logan for a man named Joe Starks. She seemed happy with him, he bought her everything she could ever dream of having. The only thing Joe couldn't buy her was happiness. He made her stay home all the time, made her out to be better than any women in the town; Janie felt tied down. Janie's hair was significantly important to her, it was part of her appeal; almost very...
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