A Museum Trip

Topics: Singapore, World War II, Culture of Singapore Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: December 1, 2012
uMuseum trip
1) How have my field trip enriched my understanding of being a Singaporean? -The trip to the museum brought about an indelible experience. I understood the great history of Singapore and how our forefathers survived and fought through the World War 2. Being a Singaporean meant much more than just living a beautiful lion city, instead it is one with great history and commendable spirit of our forefathers that make us, Singaporeans proud of our country. 2) What have I learnt from this visit?

-I learnt that the success of Singapore was brought about by many of our ancestors/forefathers/great leaders, and the peace and stability in our country cannot be taken for granted. Regardless of race, language or religion, everyone must work together to build a conducive society for ourselves and the future generation. 3) What are the highlights and key observations of my visit? -The highlights of the visit was the world war 2 exhibition where we saw the stages of the war, which includes the downfall and the rise of Singapore. Another highlight was how life was like, in the past, and it was an eye opening experience as it was what I never imagined.

Little India trip
1) How have my field trip enriched my understanding of being a Singaporean? -Being a Singaporean Chinese, I hardly went to other cultural places except for Chinatown. However, a trip to little India helped me to understand the cultural values of another race in Singapore. It helped me to understand what their iconic places for common visiting were.

2) What have I learnt from this visit?
I learnt the Indian Culture, when we had our meals at a famous Indian eatery, where the bare right hand is used to consume food without a use of cutlery. I also learnt that flower garlands were a common item used when worshipping their gods. Lastly, I also understood the Indian tradition by speaking to the owners of the flower garland shops.

3) What are the highlights and key...
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